Sony Xperia X (suzu/F5121 & F5122)

  • @malditobastardo ok, I will have to test if in qml the version is 1.9 or 1.10. I suppose that the morph version has changed, what is the version now?
    Thanks very much to all

  • @Giampy

    • Weather App - rain radar
    • Seabass2

  • @c4pp4 It's true, but after the last update (400) all work fine. The developers of the apps have to change the code to store the cokies!

  • @Giampy 400 did it, works again, thanks! 🙂

  • Hi,

    I've been a long time Ubuntu Touch user, having moved to the platform back when the (official Canonical) Meizu MX4 came out.

    My old phone has finally started to have battery issues, and my wife wanted an upgrade from her Xperia X. She's now moved on to another device and I decided to see how well the Xperia X port worked.

    I'm blown away.

    It's working great, albeit with some (very minor) issues. So firstly I wanted to say thank you for your hard work on this. It's very much appreciated.

    I thought I'd mention the issues I have in case it helps:

    1. Camera occasionally fails (black screen for rear camera) and won't work until a reboot.
    2. On first reboot when rear camera works again, it only partially displays an image. Top half of image is solid green, although the bottom half displays fine. At some point this fixes itself - I haven't figured out why yet.
    3. Rebooting is a bit odd - when I try to reboot first time after running the device for a while, it just restarts Lomiri rather than restarting the whole device. If I then select reboot again, it reboots properly.
    4. UBPorts OTA updates are a bit strange - when doing an update, it seems to go OK, but will always take me to the UBPorts Recovery on reboot giving the impression something went wrong with the update. If I then just select to reboot the device, it all works fine.

    I also have a question. On installing (via the UBports installer) I had the option of selecting the 'fredldotme' channel or the 'edge' channel. I selected 'fredldotme' as I was aware this was the handle of the person who ported it to suzu in the first place. Was this the best option? Also, I've noticed I must be on a bleeding dev channel as I get very frequent OTAs (just installed '409', and '410' is already available).

    I want to use this device as a daily driver, so I'd like to understand how these releases are made and whether it's fairly safe for me to be applying these often? Will suzu ever be available in a stable channel? Also, is there a changelog for these OTAs? I noticed '409' was hundreds of MB, whereas '410' just came through in only ~1MB so I figure these are deltas and wonder just how much changed in '409'?

    Sorry for all the questions 🙂

  • @Kamikaze for a fully functioning device the choice in channels was good, arm64 still has issues with GPS & video recording (using gst-droid).

    A stable channel is in the taks, altough for the arm64 release only. We still need to fix up a few things until that's ready but it's getting there. Until then just don't update as often as it's possible currently. 🙂

  • Hello all,

    flashlight wont work in camera app (F5122, Build number 2020-07-22/2, Version 404).

    Exists a solution for that problem?

  • @druk13 you'll need to follow this guide right here to enable video recording and flashlight support in the camera using gst-droid:

  • Can somebody explain to me why we are using the 4.4 kernel when there are new ones for this device? Are they not stable enough or is it something else?

  • @boriseto


    Kernel Support
    This Halium abstraction uses a 4.4 kernel provided by Sony and CodeAurora,
    thus has the benefit of taking advantage of upstream kernel patches
    and follows Ubuntu's Xenial kernel series for AppArmor updates.
    This opens the door for potentially decade-long support of kernel patches.
    The Halium suzu device platform is determined to support Snap packages
    and is well positioned to do so long term.


  • Hi guys,
    the wifi works well, I have problems with the sim card data connection. Furthermore, when the phone goes to stand-by, the data connection also stops and only when I wake up the phone do notifications and anything else arrive. I use Xperia X as a second phone and if I didn't have these problems anymore it would be really fantastic.
    Thanks for your work.

  • Voice-speaker is using bottom speaker and voice-speaker-mic is using top mic. Is it correct? I would expect top speaker and bottom mic.

    @fredldotme I didn't notice it when listening to mp3 music but when listening to flac music, the sound is popping. I'm using bigger latency again to avoid this and I think we should use deep buffer flag as the default setting for suzu if you agree.

    @Giampy What kind of problems with the sim card data connection? What kind of notifications?

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