Fairphone 2 (FP2)

  • @Fla First:
    it is not my port, it is made by peat_psuwit. 😉

    @Flohack, @peat_psuwit : is it ok with you if I would share my halium and system image builds in this thread? Or do you think there should be some "hurdle", so that only people "who know what they are doing" can tryout this port?

  • @Luksus No, but you would make a separate thread, since that one belongs to Ratchanan´s port. In general also I would love not to waste resources on 2 ports for the same device. Instead try to cooperate, make PRs and try to get it polished. There is no use in 50 different started ports but none finished. Get stuff done.

  • Also, please do not invest too much time in the old port. We need to bring all core devices to Halium 7.1 to see if we can fix longstanding bugs with that. So any fix for 5.1 is wasted time.

  • @Flohack : oh you got me wrong a little bit. I did not create my own port.
    I just wanted to host the images I built out of Ratchanan´s port, since no prebuilt images are served yet.
    It is for the users, who are not able to download all sources or can't build it by themselves, but like to test the halium port.

  • @Luksus said in Fairphone 2 (FP2):

    It is for the users, who are not able to download all sources or can't build it by themselves, but like to test the halium port.

    So, exactly my case. I saw your PM, trying it right now 😉

    (And I'm interested about the 7.1 port, not the 5.1 one ;))

  • @Luksus Okay then sure, you can host them 😉

  • I just followed the instruction and flashed halium-boot.img, the last rootfs and system.img on my device. It rebooted and... at a first look, nothing changed. I still have all my apps and data, and everything looks exactly as before... Except in the "About" page in the settings, the UT version isn't displayed anymore, and I am not able to choose any update channel in the update section, even after a reboot. How can I check I'm really on the new port?

    Output of the install script:

    halium-install-master/halium-install -p ut /home/fla/dev/UbuntuTouch/halium-7.1_FP2/ubports-touch.rootfs-xenial-armhf.tar.gz /home/fla/dev/UbuntuTouch/halium-7.1_FP2/system.img 
    Debug: Chosen rootfs is /home/fla/dev/UbuntuTouch/halium-7.1_FP2/ubports-touch.rootfs-xenial-armhf.tar.gz
    Debug: Chosen android image is /home/fla/dev/UbuntuTouch/halium-7.1_FP2/system.img
    Debug: Chosen release is ut
    Debug: Compress images before pushing: false
    I: Writing rootfs into mountable image
    I: Writing android image into mountable image
    I: Running post installation tasks
    enabling Mir ... [done]
    enabling SSH ... [done]
    Please enter a new password for the user 'phablet':
    Entrez le nouveau mot de passe UNIX : 
    Retapez le nouveau mot de passe UNIX : 
    passwd: password updated successfully
    I: Shrinking images
    e2fsck 1.44.1 (24-Mar-2018)
    resize2fs 1.44.1 (24-Mar-2018)
    En train de redimensionner le système de fichiers sur .halium-install-imgs.08wjD/system.img à 49415 (4k) blocs.
    Début de la passe 2 (max = 16173)
    Début de la passe 3 (max = 16)
    Le système de fichiers sur .halium-install-imgs.08wjD/system.img a maintenant une taille de 49415 blocs (4k).
    I: Unmounting images
    I: Pushing rootfs and android image to /data via ADB
    I:    Pushing rootfs to /data via ADB
    .halium-install-imgs.08wjD/rootfs.img: 1 file pushed. 8.4 MB/s (3221225472 bytes in 366.063s)
    I:    Pushing android image to /data via ADB
    .halium-install-imgs.08wjD/system.img: 1 file pushed. 7.7 MB/s (202403840 bytes in 25.054s)
    real	6m31,125s
    user	0m0,170s
    sys	0m1,509s
    I: Cleaning up
    umount: .halium-install-rootfs.Qjl0H : non monté.
    uname -a
    Linux ubuntu-phablet 3.4.0-perf-g87729745 #4 SMP PREEMPT Sat Mar 21 00:02:10 CET 2020 armv7l armv7l armv7l GNU/Linux

    Also, the flashlight still isn't working but I guess I need to install gstreamer-droid right?

  • @Fla without looking deeper, that sounds like you flashed Halium successfully.
    Yes, you need to follow the instructions of the gstreamer droid setup.
    To clarify : flashlight does only work on taking a picture with camera app so far.
    But I think the way isn't so far to make it work as flashlight only.

  • Okay so I found a proof (if needed) that I'm indeed running with the new Halium 7.1 base: the famous bug of toggling data after flight mode is gone! And that is great.

    However, I found some regressions:

    • The auto-brightness option isn't available anymore. Is the proximity sensor available?
    • The phone can't be updated anymore (no release channel available). I guess that is expected as far as this build isn't available on the official servers?

    I will continue to test and wrote my findings here.

  • Continuing my report, I installed GStream-droid (see that topic) and indeed, the camera app is now quicker to boot and the flashlight is working when taking a picture! Not alone though but that means it can be done and that is awesome.

    It looks like there is an orientation problem however, the pictures aren't in the good orientation. I don't know if that's because of halium or GStream-droid.

  • It looks like the automatic connection to the pc isn't working anymore: it isn't seen as an USB stick as it was when I plug it.

  • @Fla That's the already known MPT issue: https://forums.ubports.com/post/28068
    You can connect over ssh though, with ssh phablet@, when connected by usb-cable.

  • @Fla Concerning the camera rotation, it's a problem that was encountered by the first batch of Fairphone OpenOS (android) - and as far as I know people had to turn to the Opencamera app to "reverse" the problem. Actually I don't think it's been fixed. To me it seems that AOSP drivers for the camera can't to the job. On another hand, the flash worked and camera app was way faster so here you go: that patch gets you the good and bad stuff you have with Fairphone OpenOS; maybe check open camera app and see what makes it work

  • @Emphrath hm I think it's a different problem, isn't it? What I'm experiencing is, the pictures are fine in the phone, it's once displayed on the pc that they are rotated.

  • @Fla OK yeah it's sth else

  • Continuing my experience as a daily driver, I found two other regressions:

    • The minimal brightness cannot be set as low as it can be on the halium 5 port. As someone who's always using the lowest level of brightness, this impact both my eyes and the power consumption
    • When recording a video, the automatic lock of the screen isn't disabled anymore. So after 1 min of video, the screen switches off and the video is cut.

  • It also looks like battery is dying more quickly when data connection is on with that port.

  • Another regression: when you plug the phone and it is switched off, the battery indicator on the screen is missing. There is only a very small text with the battery percentage.

  • @Fla yes thats an easy fix, it needs the custom charger animation feature activated. I might make a PR for that ^^

  • @peat_psuwit I don't know if you're still working on that port but the regression which annoys me the most is inability to set the brightness as low as it is possible with the 5.1 port. Like everyone else I'm now spending all my time inside and my eyes are more tired every day, so I would really to be able to set the brightness of the screen to a lower level.

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