[Halium9-GSI] - Oneplus 3(T) - Proof of concept

  • Hello,
    After working on the Halium 7.1 port OP3, i've gave a shot to the Halium 9 thanks to the help of the Halium telegram group especially Erfan.

    This use the great work of the Halium developpers and GSI image from Erfan.

    This is a proof of concept, only, and not supposed to be run as a daily driver, even if it's possible.
    The port is based on

    • A trebelized OP3(T) device,
    • A modified lineage OS (Trebelized) to acquire the vendors partition
    • The Ubports GSI from Erfan (Updated weekly).

    Becareful, this is not a standard H7.1 or H9 port but a H9-GSI port, I didn't try to build a device image with H9.

    It's running pretty smooth.

    To avoid confusion with Halium 7.1 I've created a dedicate repository : https://github.com/OP3-Halium.

    Kernel: https://github.com/OP3-Halium/android_kernel_oneplus_msm8996
    Device (Lineage base): https://github.com/OP3-Halium/android_device_oneplus_oneplus3
    Ubports GSI : look into https://t.me/ErfanGSI

    Compiles files:


    • Working:
      SMS - didn't try
      4G - Yes but no icons - need to activated once after GSI is flashed
      Wifi -Yes I'll apply the same trick than the H7.1
      Orientation sensor
      camera - zooming is sluggish
      Video recording/decoding
      Fingerprint + home button calling the dash <= Sweet !

    • Missing:
      No control of volume during a call
      Flash light - need to make the same trick that 7.1
      ADB/MTP - didn't try yet
      Libertine - didn't try yet
      Anbox - Not tried yet
      others ?

    Everything to install is it there : https://github.com/OP3-Halium/Documentation


    • Once you trebilized your phone, you can still use it as before and install non treble OS.
    • I'll migrate the improvment that i've done on the OP3-Ubports to this port.

    Anybody willing to help is welcome ^^ even for testing.

    Short video : https://gfycat.com/infamousorganicichneumonfly

  • @ernest I will try it when will have a little time to test. Just a few questions here:

    Is Bluetooth calling working as well or not?
    Wifi - have you applied the same trick as H7.1 already and I don't need to do anything else to have it working?
    Flash light? Is it working after installing: sudo ubports-qa install PR-22
    and: sudo install indicator-power ?

    It would be great if it's working as you said, so switching between Android 9 and UT GSI/HAL 9 won't need reflashing firmware ( just to restore backup created with TWRP)

    Many thanks for your and others hard work to bring UT on Op3/3t

  • @Stefano

    • Bluetooth is rootfs dependent mainly. Cf post of @peat_psuwit.
    • Wifi - Not yet, I've found a nicer solution for 7.1 too so I'll update both. But while wait I can tell you we the two files should go. I'll see how it goes on h7.1 but seems way smoother in H9. I hope my update will make smoother H7.1 too.
      As it's still under WIP and GSI is standardize, likely i'll create a patch OP3.
    • Flash ligth, i'm using a modified app .. an old indicator, I'll to recompile it for armhf rootfs.

    I'm not sure what the firmware change does... I didn't flash specific one for the ubports version and likely they're from latest official Oneplus image. I don't see much problem.
    Each time you'ill need to flash halium-boot, lineage modified and ubports GSi.

  • Living proof (of concept):

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