Ubuntu Touch Q&A 81 Saturday 1st Of August At 19:00 UTC

  • @thousandtopics Please keep on topic and abide by the Ubuntu Code of Conduct when posting in here.

    Your comments are not funny, and do not provide any actual questions to be answered in the Q&A.

  • Shall we ever be able to boot from a mainline kernel and from an SD card on Android devices?

  • @dobey as long as the forum let me, I'm going to edit my post-comment

  • @thousandtopics @dobey Is correct on this. This thread is for Q&A questions and that only. We have an Off Topic section for items not related directly to UBports or Ubuntu Touch issues.
    Your first post started OK, then went way off in tone and direction it was also condescending to those you mentioned. The topic may have merit though it's not totally clear which side you are on but this is not the place for that discussion and please be more respectful of your fellow community members. Thank you.

  • What's going on with the guys from Shiftphones?

  • @Lakotaubp . . . right, I did take a bad direction in the comments. I'm sorry for my bad behavior.

  • @thousandtopics - how about we get the phones working?

  • @marlboro50 good question

  • @UBportsNews I have understood from previous Q&A sessions that some of the major development goals include:

    • moving to systemd
    • moving to 20.04 base
    • moving to wayland

    Any updates on these goals and how they inter-relate? systemd for example we heard briefly from Marius went better than expected when working on Lomiri for Manjaro Arm.

  • @UBportsNews how will other distros (e.g. Mobian) be able to use Ubuntu Touch click apps? Would they effectively need a different packaging format? Will UT itself eventually move away from click or is the hope that more will adopt click format?

  • First of all thanks for your great work. Greetings from India.
    I am eagerly following most of ubuntu touch #ubports and #pinephone news and developments.
    I like to bring one design question or a proposal where the current launcher bar (unity) lomiri (now) always visible by default which is good for Laptop or desktop. As a mobile phone interface that design occupies some real screen estate as a result the whole phone looks lesser width which downgrade the hardware screen design. 4626e644-5a78-442d-b6b0-8e10f35c26bb-image.png

    Is it possible to visible only the ubuntutouch icon by default, then when click on that other icons on the launcher shall be visible. 7ede976a-84d1-4508-a8c6-13d64aaa13d5-image.png .
    So in this way the whole phone looks better and more coherent/coupled with screen display hardware.

    Thanks to all.

  • Hi all! I'm new to this community, thanks in part to the Pinephone UBPorts CE. Some questions in no order at all:

    Will we ever see clickable desktop support ARM64 machines (e.g. Pinebook Pro)?

    What are the expectations for moving to Wayland on UBPorts? Is it expected to eventually make Lomiri faster (in terms of responsiveness, or enabling GPU acceleration in apps, etc)? What do app developers have to worry about in terms of switching over?

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