I think this is a reflection of the nature of the FOSS world. As a systems administrator and software engineer over the years, I've seen a number of cases of what I call the Hero Model of software engineering. One person has the interest, the focus and the energy to develop a project. I've seen amazing free software developed that way. Of course, there will be many other cases of different people creating the solution to the same problem, but working separately.

Look at the PinePhone forums. There are close to 20 different combinations of OS, window systems and other fundamental variables. Each has a small number of people working on many solutions to one problem. Add in all the phone models, and wow, I'm amazing anything gets done. There are a lot of heroes doing what they can. Compare that to Google or Apple, with all the engineers they have focused on one OS for a small number of phones.

I have a Nexus 4 running UBports. There are still things that don't work there. More generally, it's always amazed me that there isn't a mail client installed by default. Dekko 2 has been Experimental for a long time. Camera doesn't work. Other problems have been reported. This is an old phone which has pretty official-looking support in UBports. I don't think it's a daily driver.

I'd like to have Touch on my Moto G7 Play. Halium? Okay, I'll accept that. But, there are lots of problems with the result. I don't think that's a daily driver.

Many of the supported phones for UBports don't have everything working. Fairphone 2 is probably the closest functionally to the PinePhone. It is a six year old phone. Flashlight and hotspot are partially working. Battery life isn't great.

The installation process, the website, the apps all look great in UBports. Touch is a really nice looking and feeling phone OS. I keep trying it and will continue to do so because I remain hopeful.

For the PinePhone, Mobian is best for me. Import stuff doesn't work, like the camera (well), MMS. It's not a daily driver. But, for example, some things are better, like a lot from the NextCloud server syncs to the phone, but in Touch only the Calendar syncs.