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  • RE: Call for native email client as a core app

    You highlight a very important problem in the community: We don't have the people for that.

    Of course I'd love to say "Yes, we need to start that right now" and command my team of happy followers to fix the bugs in Dekko 2 and bring it up to 16.04... but I don't have a team of happy followers. I'd love to download the Dekko 2 source right now, fix all of its bugs, and release a build myself... but I don't have the expertise for that, or the time to gain that expertise due to my other responsibilities.

    Ultimately we don't need to call Dekko a core app... That won't change anything. We have multiple "core apps" that don't have official maintainers. Dekko needs more contributors to add their love to it so that it can become a better app.

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  • RE: Convergence brocke 16.04 Nexus 5

    There is a bug filed for this problem:

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  • RE: Broadpwn WiFi vulnerability fix ?

    According to all sources I've found online, the bug is in the proprietary Wi-Fi driver for the Broadcom BCM43xx chips. To my knowledge, the Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 2013s are all vulnerable. Since Google had stopped security updates for those devices prior to the bug disclosure, an update was not issued. These devices are vulnerable but no fix exists.

    Edit: There is conflicting information on the Nexus 7 2013 (AKA second generation). the iFixit teardown found a Qualcomm wireless chip inside.

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  • RE: Updating to 16.04 issue (meizu pro 5)

    I've moved this topic to Support. Please keep OS for discussions about design and implementation of Ubuntu Touch.

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  • RE: Firefox crashing on startup in 16.04 rc / dev

    Looks like that bug is upstream from even Ubuntu, so we'll need to wait for a fix. Thanks for the report.

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  • RE: Xenial rc fails to boot on Meizu MX4

    Interesting, I have not seen this before. But it might just be that nobody tested the MX4 recently, since it's such a rare device. Could you create a proper bug report for me? Thanks!

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  • RE: Radio app that uses Headphones as antenna

    I don't think that's happening in the US, @Flohack. ;)

    I don't believe any of our current devices have an FM radio. So, even if the OS supported it, there would be no way to take advantage of it. Maybe we revisit when we have ported devices with a radio?

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  • RE: Notes app, upgrade,freezing

    I'll test this once i'm home and upload a new build. Sorry about the inconvenience. :/

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  • RE: Move from Github to Gitlab?

    Here's the official GitHub Statement and a blog post from Nadella.

    I wouldn't make this so much about feelings. Let's face it: Microsoft is not evil. But Microsoft isn't necessarily good, either. Microsoft is just a very big company doing what they think is best for their business, and that doesn't always mean it's what's best for everyone else. And yes, they're dabbling with some open-source stuff, but only where it's required or at least very difficult to justify not to have it open. Microsoft wants to stay in control. They already lost the windows-server market to the "foss revolution", so they understood that they have to join the winning team if they want to stay on top. That alone doesn't make them evil. In fact, most companies work that way (even GitHub always has, that's why the GitHub server is proprietary), but they could still change. So let's give them credit for embracing foss where they are and encourage them to abandon their proprietary projects and selfish business techniques. They're saying they aren't the enemy, let's believe them that. But that doesn't automatically make them our friends.

    What's worrying to me about this potential acquisition is that it will concentrate too much power with one entity, and that can't be good. This is a development that has been going on for a while now, the FOSS community made the mistake to place too much trust in GitHub for a long time.

    GitLab is different that way. It's still a for-profit company behind it, but the client is open-source. You can even host it yourself, and even though real federation is not there yet, it's a lot more likely to come.

    The biggest problem GitLab has at the moment is that it's a lot smaller than GitHub. GitHub has 27 million users and 49 million repositories, [GitLab only has 100.000 users/groups (even though that number seems to be pretty old). When we moved UBports from Launchpad to GitHub a little more than a year ago, we discussed GitLab as an option as well, but dismissed it because of lack of adoption. Since then, Gnome has proven that it's possible to move a big open source project to GitLab, and it worked for them.

    All in all, i have to say i'm in favor of moving, but i would not rush things. The migration itself is pretty straightforward thanks to great tools, but there's a lot of stuff around it that needs to be modified. Most work will probably be updating the documentation and workflows. Worth it, but no need to rush it. We could make some preparations now, really analyze what to look out for, and make the move after OTA-4.

    And for the lack of users, build it and he will come i guess ;)

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  • RE: most wanted core apps to run ubuntu as daily phone OS


    notes-app is a core app. It only hooks up to Evernote, though.

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