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  • RE: Not see android on ubuntu touch in dual boot

    You won't be able to access Android files from Ubuntu Touch. MultiROM presents separate data areas to each OS as far as I know.

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  • RE: mounting the root fs writable

    Basically, your changes will be clobbered. The update system will unconditionally overwrite whatever is currently on the system with its changed version.

    I've never heard of remounting rw breaking the update process.

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  • RE: Request for Chinese Translation

    You cannot currently add a language by yourself on Weblate. Adding a new language requires a few things:

    1. Add the translation to our list in
    2. Set up the translation on ReadTheDocs
    3. Import the translation to Weblate and hope that it doesn't conflict
    4. Oh it conflicted, let's fix that
    5. Spend 30 minutes fixing the conflict

    And then, when it comes time to update the translation sources (Sphinx manually creates its own po files rather than a pot file), we will almost certainly get a conflict on Weblate. 30 minutes spent on that again...

    Basically, I'm not adding new translations right now because we haven't figured out the problems with translating the documentation. There is an issue filed for what you're requesting, though.

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  • RE: More than 1 GB of unusable memory on /home?

    In Ubuntu Touch, the root filesystem is mounted read-only and the parts of the system that have to be writable are bind-mounted. The block device you're wondering about is actually the /data partition, as Android calls it. Specifically, you'll find that the folders user-data/ system-data/ and android-data/ appear on this partition if you were to mount it. Contained in those is everything that you're able to write to (as root) in Ubuntu Touch.

    If you'd like to learn more about this process, it's done at process_bind_mounts() in our initramfs. It's configured with the writable-paths file.

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  • RE: Discord app on Ubuntu touch?

    This would be quite the pipe dream, asking anyone to make a app for another OS is quite the request.
    Especially considering the fact that many people on windows phone wanted a discord app.

    I'd like to say that you can use discord on your ubuntu phone using anbox, but discord requires google play services to login, so the chances of it working is very low, but we can hope and dream.

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  • Ubports Developers Community on Matrix

    Their is now a Ubports Developers Community, anyone can visit it by clicking this Link.

    This creates a simple and easy way to view all the rooms related to ubports Development on the matrix platform.
    Rooms will be added as they show up on Matrix, if a developer of an app has, or creates a matrix room, and wishes me to add it to the community, all you have to do is ask an admin of the community.

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  • RE: OPO - did i get the right phone?

    The OnePlus One doens't support HDMI, and no phones support Anbox yet.

    Their are no current devices that support your requirements at the moment, but if any current device supports hdmi out, then within the next couple of months we should have something which will, but not certain.

    We don't have any kind of swype keyboard, if you swipe the keyboard down, it takes away the keyboard, addind "Swype" support would mean that you could no longer get rid of the keyboard, there are ways of handling this, but their has been little to no effort on this from our side, I believe someone in the community was experimenting with this, but I dont know how that went, or if it ever became viewable code.

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  • RE: Help porting to Xperia X running Sailfish

    You cannot install Ubuntu Touch on a device that it has not been ported to. That's why the installer will not recognize your device.

    If you would like to port Ubuntu Touch to your device (porting is not the same as installing), please see the documentation.

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  • RE: Confinement / Sandboxes

    Ubuntu Touch's confinement model means that you already have what you want. If you install confined apps, you have the following guarantees:

    • Apps may only access their own data in ~/.cache and ~/.config unless they have specified it in their AppArmor config. For example, the camera app has permissions to "Picture files" and "Video files".
    • Apps may only access hardware if they specifically request access or have it specified in their AppArmor config.

    The only way to access files outside of the restricted permissions for documents, videos, and picture files is to go through ContentHub. That's the system where an app asks you to select a file from another app which has access. In essence, you need to give an app the files it wants.

    This system is completely different than almost anything found on any Linux distribution at this point (minus Android, which the system is partially modeled after). It is also very upsetting to many Linux desktop developers for this reason.

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  • RE: Ubuntu Touch Q&A 26

    What do you mean by "Old Anbox installer"? The only way I know of to install Anbox is

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