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  • RE: I wanna go home

    So, what have we learned this week?

    • Everyone wants a home
    • No one can agree on what home is
    • Some people like the desktop "stuff on your desktop" paradigm, others hate it
    • New Unity8 already provides features we're used to seeing on a home screen, but not somewhere that is a home screen

    Quite a few shades of gray here. I don't think we'll be able to reach consensus for everyone without just getting in and doing something, then taking the feedback from that. It's really hard to describe dynamic functionality in words and sometimes it doesn't make sense until it's put in front of you.

    Personally, I think Kugi said it best early on:

    I guess I could live without "home" until we get a great idea that's really a game changer

    Let's try some things out and see what sticks, starting at the simplest first. The best ideas will naturally float up and get traction behind them. As they develop past their initial stages, we'll see more development toward interfaces which are consistent at every point.

    I must reiterate that (since my job title is "development manager" and I feel the need to protect the time of our paid and volunteer developers) I do not support adding lots more settings or compromising between ideas. I truly believe we can make one really good way to use a mouse, keyboard, and/or touchscreen on any size personal device and the only way we'll do that is by working together. If that is totally not to someone's liking, we are not the only mobile operating system.

    So, to put what is next more concretely:

    • We may experiment with Jan's idea to tap the background (it's only a few lines of code to change what tapping there does) and ask for feedback from small groups.
    • Otherwise, we don't want to make any huge changes to new Unity8 before it is released to Stable the first time. We'll release then iterate.

    Go out and make.

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  • RE: Proposal for a Telegram Stickers Project

    One point i want to add, is that we might want to remove the "Ubuntu logo" since for this exact reason we are limited. Things that we want to include yumi on might be approved each time, like if we want to have it on the pinephone for example. We also want to move into debian and other distros, so a removal of the logo would be a good move in my opinion.

    Yumi itself can be used by anyone, that was one of the main point when it was made, but i see now adding the ubuntu logo was a mistake.

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  • RE: Proposal for a Telegram Stickers Project

    The Yumi mascot is licensed CC-BY-SA by Marius Gripsgard. As long as you are abiding by the license terms (also keep in mind the Ubuntu brand guidelines since the logo appears there), that robot is fair game.

    You can create your own sticker packs using a Telegram bot. If you'd like to do that, I should be able to set the stickers as official for the UBports group.

    Also paging @Krille, I think you were looking for some stickers for FluffyChat.

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  • RE: Community Event with hackathon in Germany

    @marc_aurel Sounds great! We'll certainly try to be there with some members of the core team, and i hope we'll also get some more community devs to join the party 🙂

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  • RE: UBports Black Logos.

    @Stefano i will try to fins a way😅

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  • RE: UBports Black Logos.

    @Ingo yes sorry i will updat the post is also avaible for FP2.

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  • RE: UBports Black Logos.

    @Stefano sorry i was not able to find a way to modify the logo.bin from meizu pro 5.

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  • RE: I wanna go home


    if we slide it from the center of the Drawer to the left to close it, wouldn't it be better?

    The swipe is how it's supposed to work, but can't be used due to So for now, we compromise with a back button.

    Favorites are hard to justify when the Launcher already exists and includes your favorite apps.

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  • UBports Black Logos.

    UBports Black Logos for your devices is avaible at

    Please follow the instruction on the Readme file to flash your devices.








    I want to thank who have donated to my paypal, very thanks to you for uour support.
    You know who you are. ☺

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  • RE: I wanna go home


    Let the user pin an app as their home. [...] Are their any cons?

    Well, since you asked... 😉

    The problem with this proposal is doesn't offer a consistent experience that makes sense between mobile and desk workflows. Now you have an app that you aren't allowed to close on your background for some reason... why?

    Also, it's a bit like raising the white flag and saying that we can't make a better user experience as a community than individuals can on their own attempts. I don't believe that's true.

    My recommendation: If you want to use Sprint, use Sprint. Place it at the bottom of your Launcher and go back to it when you need it. It might get a little mixed up in the app switcher, but it won't get mixed up on the Launcher.


    it's a habit I learn to give up when I'm using the edge channel. [...] I guess I could live without "home" until we get a great idea that's really a game changer

    That's interesting. I've tried to encourage people to give the new Unity8 a try before getting upset about it, but that doesn't appear to work. Maybe this is the biggest non-issue ever.

    We have to be careful adding UI elements in the application spread because it could get crowded especially once the workspace switcher gets into the action. Perhaps a quick solution for now is to have a bottom edge gesture in the app spread to hide all apps AKA "Show desktop".

    I agree, we could crowd the space. That is definitely a concern. I'm not sure about a bottom edge gesture... two gestures from different edges to go home? We'd be pushing it at a gesture and a tap.

    Implementation might be a little bit difficult as well.


    Either the go-to-desktop-app would always be in the end of the spread, which would cost you time, or it would be somewhere in the list

    No. Like Unity 7, the "Go to desktop" entry is leftmost and your cursor starts on the app to its right (shown by @CiberSheep here). Spatially, it would appear behind the app you just dragged out. It would always be where it is in the mockup in the first post. (Actually, the Dash was always supposed to be there too. It's a bug that it's not.)

    stuff on your desktop

    As long as it's consistent, we can do anything.

    As an aside, I should add that I'm trying to protect developers' time... so home should also be "Easy to implement." Changing the behavior of the app switcher background or adding a new button is easy. Re-introducing the code that made the Dash work is not. 😄

    Also, whatever we do is not set in stone forever. We can experiment and try new things. As the Ubuntu Code of Conduct says:

    The poorest decision of all is no decision: clarity of direction has value in itself. Sometimes all the data are not available, or consensus is elusive. A decision must still be made. There is no guarantee of a perfect decision every time - we prefer to err, learn, and err less in future than to postpone action indefinitely.

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