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The servers aren't down, your frame of reference is incorrect.

  • RE: Running Wayland apps on edge?

    If this is an android device, wayland currently will not work on stock edge, as some changes to the android graphic plugin is needed for wayland to work.


    I have setup an experimental branch that you can try:

    sudo ubports-qa install xenial_-_edge_-_wayland

    but yeah, this is highly experimental 🙃

    Please note that the "startup screen might just be black, but unity8 should come up after some time"

    To start any applications you need to set:

    export EGL_PLATFORM=wayland
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  • RE: Proposal for a Telegram Stickers Project

    @Aury88 Telegram has no notion of organizations. Its just an account and in most cases its bound to a personal phone no 😉

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  • RE: CloudMusic app - Can't download songs from it

    Cloud music app is a very unofficial thing - remember that you don´t pay for anything, and it seems this music comes pirated from China or so.

    It is not in any way an official App promoted or supported by UBports.

    That said, I don´t know but for any questions you need to reach out to the app developer, which you probably can find in the Openstore details. But I don´t think anyone here will be able to help you, since we don´t know the developer at all.

    BR Florian

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  • RE: OnePlus One baseband/firmware

    @trainailleur Is there any improvement whit this FW?

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  • RE: Porting in 2019 - a true journey

    @Ranjith We dont know yet, we do not have enough people to work on this at the moment, sorry.

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  • RE: Anbox development

    So the easiest way to get started is using our crossbuilder tool, this will setup an lxc container that you can with all the tools to do the cross compiling of the binaries.

    To start with, install anbox on you device and make sure it's working before starting, this way we know that it works before you start 🙂

    First clone and cd into it.

    Then to setup container i do:

    crossbuilder dependencies

    Then i just do

    crossbuilder shell
    cd anbox
    mkdir build-armhf
    cd build-armhf
    make -j10

    crossbuilder will bind mount to you current working folder

    Then with another shell (thats outside of crossbuilder) i push the binaries from the folder to the phone using adb.

    Now you have two options, use upstart or start the binaries manually,

    For upstart do:

    Then adb shell into you device and replace it with the binary you just make

    sudo mount -o rw,remount /
    sudo mv anbox /usr/bin
    stop anbox-session
    sudo stop anbox-container
    sudo start anbox-container
    start anbox-session

    For raw binary start:

    First stop the upstart session

    stop anbox-session
    sudo stop anbox-container

    Then to start anbox you need two services: container (root) and session (user)

    So you need to open two adb shells since there are blocking

    sudo ./anbox container-manager --data-path=/home/phablet/anbox-data --privileged


    ./anbox session-manager --desktop_file_hint=/usr/share/applications/anbox.desktop --mir-rootless

    Please not these where mostly written from memory, so might be a bit rusty 🙂

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  • RE: Porting in 2019 - a true journey

    @Ranjith well unfortunately porting is not only copy/paste. Ubuntu Touch is not Android, and in many cases you will get stuck even with a good guide. Some programming experience, shell know how and a good understanding of the Linux booting process will be necessary to not get frustrated too early. That said, even good porters got stuck with this or that device.

    The biggest roadblock is first to know if your device is open enough to try a porting. You definitely need an official LineageOS or Cyanogenmod tree. Also your device must have been shipped with Android 5.1 or 7.1, we do not support any other Android version right now.

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  • RE: Porting in 2019 - a true journey

    Dear All,

    we are also taking questions about porting, and we will try to answer them during the episodes. Feel free to post your questions here.

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  • RE: Meh

    Well its what you can conclude if you do not have a device, and just read a bit of top level infos. But we will change that, just needs more time. Every mention of the project is a good PR 😉

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  • RE: Ubports with a jbl go speaker

    @advocatux No, the package remains unconfigured and is not fully installed. Thats a pity. I tried various things with manual intervention to the dpkg scripts, but it seems they cannot stop or start the bluetoothd process at all, and just hang.

    I tried this now on various devices, all have the same issue... Maybe its bc I am on devel?

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