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Here to make sure the developers can reproduce their own bugs.

  • RE: Running Wayland apps on edge?

    If this is an android device, wayland currently will not work on stock edge, as some changes to the android graphic plugin is needed for wayland to work.


    I have setup an experimental branch that you can try:

    sudo ubports-qa install xenial_-_edge_-_wayland

    but yeah, this is highly experimental 🙃

    Please note that the "startup screen might just be black, but unity8 should come up after some time"

    To start any applications you need to set:

    export EGL_PLATFORM=wayland
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  • RE: Anbox development

    So the easiest way to get started is using our crossbuilder tool, this will setup an lxc container that you can with all the tools to do the cross compiling of the binaries.

    To start with, install anbox on you device and make sure it's working before starting, this way we know that it works before you start 🙂

    First clone and cd into it.

    Then to setup container i do:

    crossbuilder dependencies

    Then i just do

    crossbuilder shell
    cd anbox
    mkdir build-armhf
    cd build-armhf
    make -j10

    crossbuilder will bind mount to you current working folder

    Then with another shell (thats outside of crossbuilder) i push the binaries from the folder to the phone using adb.

    Now you have two options, use upstart or start the binaries manually,

    For upstart do:

    Then adb shell into you device and replace it with the binary you just make

    sudo mount -o rw,remount /
    sudo mv anbox /usr/bin
    stop anbox-session
    sudo stop anbox-container
    sudo start anbox-container
    start anbox-session

    For raw binary start:

    First stop the upstart session

    stop anbox-session
    sudo stop anbox-container

    Then to start anbox you need two services: container (root) and session (user)

    So you need to open two adb shells since there are blocking

    sudo ./anbox container-manager --data-path=/home/phablet/anbox-data --privileged


    ./anbox session-manager --desktop_file_hint=/usr/share/applications/anbox.desktop --mir-rootless

    Please not these where mostly written from memory, so might be a bit rusty 🙂

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  • RE: Are there signatures or checksums for the installer programs available?


    The checksums for the partition images are served by This sha256 hash is checked both in the manual install instructions and in the installer. You can find the json for your device here:

    I will add checksums for the executables and installation packages of the installer to the releases page, doing that automatically in ci has been on my list for a while. Wasn't my highest priority so far, because github defaults to https, so the only remaining attack vector i can see would be to switch the files hosted there, which is not very likely to happen unless we have a mole, the account of someone with access to the org gets pwned or someone hacks Microsoft. In all cases, there'd be more efficient ways to do much more severe damage, but since this has been requested some times now, who am i to stand in the way of progress. 🙂

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  • RE: Proposal for a Telegram Stickers Project

    One point i want to add, is that we might want to remove the "Ubuntu logo" since for this exact reason we are limited. Things that we want to include yumi on might be approved each time, like if we want to have it on the pinephone for example. We also want to move into debian and other distros, so a removal of the logo would be a good move in my opinion.

    Yumi itself can be used by anyone, that was one of the main point when it was made, but i see now adding the ubuntu logo was a mistake.

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  • RE: Community Event with hackathon in Germany

    @marc_aurel Sounds great! We'll certainly try to be there with some members of the core team, and i hope we'll also get some more community devs to join the party 🙂

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  • RE: I wanna go home

    "Explicit is better than Implicit" is a great principle for programming language design, but a user-friendly user-interface plays by different rules. In UX design, actions should be intuitive, and what could be more intuitive than tapping the background to get to the background?

    If you think there needs to be a text or icon to hint for this action as well, ok, maybe. But it should be way more subtle than in the mockup. For me, the Application spread is one of the most distinctive and beautiful features of Unity 8, we can't f*** (mess) this one up.

    A go-to-desktop-app in the spread... I don't know. Being able to just tap the background feels way more practical to me. Either the go-to-desktop-app would always be in the end of the spread, which would cost you time, or it would be somewhere in the list making it more difficult to find an application you want to switch to. Why add another UI element, if there's already a perfectly good option we can go with that doesn't bloat the UI nor reduce ease of use of the existing usecases?

    On the topic of what is home, might i add:

    Don't kill the desktop: A manifesto

    In my opinion, Unity 8 should become a proper desktop environment, and that includes being able to put stuff on your desktop. Doesn't have to be applications (unless the user wants to, then let them do it), but it would also be incredibly useful for short-lived files. For example, i'm very often travelling by train in Germany, and since we don't have a ticketing app for Ubuntu Touch, i always put the ticket-pdf on my phone and open it in document viewer. That's something i would put on my desktop. Yes, i know, Gnome removed that feature a while back. But for many people that is a standard feature of Desktop Environments and it would be foolish to dismiss it as a legacy usecase. For me, it is clear. The desktop is my And i'd love an easy way to get there.

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  • RE: Phone reboots if releasing the USB connection to my computer

    @Shannon64 You need to reboot your phone to bootloader/fastboot mode (press and hold the volume up and power buttons until the phone reboots) and connect it to your pc with a usb cable. Then, open a terminal and navigate to where those files are (you said you put them on your desktop, so it's cd Desktop). Run sudo apt install fastboot to install the fastboot utility. Then run the commands from my post above and watch out for any errors. After that, hold the power button until the phone vibrates to reboot the device.

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  • RE: PinePhone

    @Jackl said in PinePhone:

    2 Being a privacy oriented phone, it would be cool a physical switch to turn off the module, and maybe the cameras, microphone. I dont trust very much the module stand-by state.

    It will have physical switched for all those 🙂

    @Jackl said in PinePhone:

    • 3 The display manager should be i3 or lxde (kde or gnome would be f00l(no offence ubports)) and the OS arch or debian. All the always-running apps should be gtk2.

    gtk on phones is a bad idea. It's not designed for low end hardware nor is it designed to work on a phone form factor. Why do you want gtk?
    Qt has superior performance on embedded, ARM based devices. Also LXDE is moving to LXQT which is qt based.

    UBports does not use kde or gnome, we use unity8 that's crafted specifically to work on phones and desktop alike, based on qt.

    i3 would be hard to use? no keyboard?

    But you can run whatever you want 🙂 there is debian builds already for it, and i know other project are working on it as well, like arch, plasma mobile, etc.

    @Jackl said in PinePhone:

    4 I hope that the pinephone 2 will use a mediatek or qualcomm soc. Not a surprise a battery of 3000 mAh.

    It will use the allwinner a64

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  • RE: Phone reboots if releasing the USB connection to my computer

    @Shannon64 Were you talking to me? The user i was supporting was able to resolve the issue with my above suggestion, so if you have the exact same issue and you also came from an operating system other than cyanogenmod 12, i recommend you try what i described. 🙂

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