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  • RE: Morph Browser is exellently trackable

    This is defiantly something we should resolve within the browser (at least have an option to block ads and trackers) But the browser is quite new and still is under heavy development, i do expect something like this to be added in newer versions.

    Right now using blocks most ads and trackers.

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  • RE: for device-tarball question


    This is awesome! :)

    We have something called community channels where there is no requirements other then it needs to boot. These channels work exactly like the other channels, only difference is its a community supported device.

    For the normal channels, it will need to have all the supported hardware/important parts working. But we can move to the normal channels once its 100% supported.

    If you would like an community channel, i will gladly setup one and give you the details how to upload new images etc :)

    I just needs some info to be able to set it up,
    Is this based on 5.1 or 7.1?
    does it uses 64 or 32bit user space?
    What username do you want on the channel?
    Do you use edge or the normal devel?

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  • RE: 35c3

    We don't have a booth or a scheduled talk, but I will be attending and annoy everyone with random Ubuntu Touch facts. I'll also bring a backpack full of UBports stickers and pens that I do not intend to take back home :)

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  • A personal road blocker


    As you may or may not have seen, i have been a bit offline last week. This was due to one of my close family member got into hospital with an serious infection, it was so bad that he got picked up by the ambulance. And since I'm living in the same house and is really close to this person, this has not been an easy week for me. This is the reason why i have been gone, but with all this said, hes now back home and in much better shape, he is still recovering but overall doing fine. and I'm slowly getting back to everything.

    Thanks everyone!

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  • RE: semantic versioning for UT

    @alan_g Yes that what i meant, sorry a mistake.

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  • semantic versioning for UT

    With the new idea for changing up OTA process, I also want to propose new version system that makes sense.

    I propose to use Semantic Versioning


    This way we could completely get rid of framework and only rely on the version to describe both version and api/abi compat. It would also give you a lot more info about the version you are on example that a major bump has a much bigger change then for example patch.

    MAJOR: bigger change that Breaks ABI/API
    MINOR: adds backwards-compatible bug fixes, changes and functionality (may break smaller library ABI in really special cases, but this should be notified about!)
    PATCH: adds backwards-compatible bug fixes.

    Additional labels for pre-release and build metadata are available as extensions to the MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH format.

    This would be how our different channels would look
    1.6.2-beta2 -> 1.6.2-rc1 -> 1.6.2
    beta -> rc -> stable

    This way you would know what version becomes what, example you know that 1.6.2-rc will become 1.6.2 stable.

    This fits great in with the "gotta go fast" proposal by dalton, here is an example how that would work

    1 week:

    • 1.5.6-devel0
    • 1.5.6-devel1
    • ----- / ----- Devel continues like this daily
    • Last weeks rc becomes stable: 1.5.5-rc1 -> 1.5.5
    • Last devel build of the week becomes rc: 1.5.6-devel6 -> 1.5.6-rc1

    2 week:

    • New devel version starts: 1.5.7-devel1
    • Last weeks rc becomes stable: 1.5.6-rc1 -> 1.5.6
    • Last devel build of the week becomes rc: 1.5.7-devel6 -> 1.5.7-rc1
    • This continues weekly.

    Then monthly we do a minor bump with more advances feathers.

    We could also do a mix between slow and fast, where we are releasing stable monthly:
    1 week:

    • 1.5.6-devel0
    • 1.5.6-devel1
    • ----- / ----- Devel continues like this daily
    • Last devel build of the week becomes rc: 1.5.6-devel6 -> 1.5.6-rc1

    2 week:

    • Devel continues daily
    • Last devel build of the week becomes rc: 1.5.6-devel12 -> 1.5.6-rc2
    • This continues weekly

    Then after the month is over last weeks rc becomes stable: 1.5.6-rc1 -> 1.5.6


    xenial stable: 1.6.2
    xenial rc: 1.6.2-rc0
    xenial rc: 1.6.2-rc1
    xenial devel: 1.6.2-devel1
    bionic devel: 2.6.2-devel1

    We would also make a clear build date in settings, this way we can know we are on the latest build.

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  • RE: Unity 8 Open Store In desktop design

    This look really nice :D but it look little too much like google play. But i would love to see a similar design but using more suru design instead of material.

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  • RE: Apps using Oxide

    @doniks Yes there will be a transition phase, we wont "just remove" oxide :) The phase time really depends if and how many apps it breaks, since we keep Ubuntu.Web we really hope the transition would be minimal.

    What i meant with 100% QtWebEngine is that every part that is "pre-installed" like browser, web container etc would be moved over, not that we would remove oxide.

    Ubuntu.Web will still exist and will not go anywhere, It will still be based on oxide until oxide is removed, once oxide is removed it will be moved over to QtWebEngine so it will continue to work (unless it uses oxide only apis)

    The oxide api will be removed at some point, when is still unsure. We would need to go over and see how many apps use this raw, and how many apps will break as an result of this. We will also try our best to create a compat layer to be able to make the transition without breaking apps (like webapps+)

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  • RE: Apps using Oxide

    We are moving 100% to qtwebengine/morph on devel really soon this week.

    For native webapps they would magic move to qtwebengine since we are changing the container code. webapps+ is a different story since they import oxide, they have to be ported.

    Ubuntu.Web is ported to qtwebengine, but depreciated.
    Morph.Web is the new library that's based on Ubuntu.Web so its backwards comparability with it.

    For qml apps using Ubuntu.Web without using oxide specific apis would "just work" without needing to port them.

    Oxide will be removed, so this is where you would need to do "porting". Most apis are similar or has similar options. Any app that import oxide has to be ported.

    Morph.Web is mostly qtwebengine but with user agent scaling for convergence + some other fixes to make it work better for phones and desktops, this is a small library. I really recommend using this.

    import QtQuick 2.4
    import Morph.Web 0.1
    WebView {
         url: ""

    I will make a more of a "guide" once devel is out with 100% QtWebEngine.

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  • RE: Development testers for Anbox

    @mihael anbox disable stops all anbox services[0], so if that work we can rule out that the kernel is an issue. I would assume its an android app stealing your battery, but if you don't have other apps then per-installed please tell me then i need to dig into it.

    [0] Anbox consists of two always running services, one root service that creates and managers the container itself (anbox-container) and one running as users acting as the fronted providing the container with graphics windows, audio, scaling etc (anbox-session).

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