• @advocatux It is indeed. Is instructions are complete and accurate enough ? Other things to know ?

  • @domubpkm yes, they are accurate. Be careful with SP flash tool. Check twice before doing anything with it.

    If you have any doubt there's an Installation group to help you in telegram.

  • @advocatux Can you please clarify two points of the tuto :

    In point 3, there are two links : it is said to download SP FLASH TOOL, and underneath it is said to use 'the latest version of the tool'. Is there a wrong link, a misprint or is it normal ?

    In point 5 : it is said to start the tool with SUDO : SUDO something ? What is the complet command line ?

    Thanks in advance.

  • @domubpkm you should use the first linked tool UNLESS you're using Ubuntu 17.10 (read it again and notice that part is just an exception).

    When you unzip that downloaded file, go to the created directory and run sudo ./ (I don't remember if you need to make it executable first running chmod +x flash_tool).

    PS You're right, that part of the tutorial should be more detailed.

  • Canonical has not had much success with manufacturers with Ubuntu Touch. Only Meizu and bq have offered their support but, as they say, it is not quantity that counts and these are two interesting partners. The first has offered a nice platform to the Canonical mobile OS with the MX4 while the second seems to want to quickly expand its offer. After Plex Lucky Patcher Kodi the Aquaris E4.5, it is the turn of the Aquaris E5 HD to separate from Android for an Ubuntu Edition.

  • @zamakli BQ was the most committed company with UT, releasing two phones (E4.5 and E5 HD) and two tablets (M10 HD & FHD) as Ubuntu Edition devices.

    What I'm trying to say is that E5 HD is not a new device in this battle 😉

  • @advocatux ok, finally it's easy. I found to do that : only to double click on flash_tool of the created directory and to follow the other steps of the tuto.. Everything go right.....

    ......BUT.... i have a problem : i use a GPD POCKET with Ubuntu and i have only a 3.0 port.... No chance : BROM ERROR S_COM PORT_OPEN_FAIL (1013)
    [COM] Failled to open COM port.

    The problem is mentioned in the tuto...

    Is there a solution with my GPD ? Or can i use the two same zip files and the same procedure with windows 10 and 2.0 ports ? Or to find somebody with an Ubuntu computer with 2.0 ports..

    Thanks again for your advices.

  • @domubpkm you're welcome. I don't think there is an easy solution for your GPD that doesn't imply hacking cables or something like that.

    Using flashtool for windows (*) should work the same but I don't have experience with that so take my comment with a grain of salt or wait for the opinion of a windows user.

    (*) Edit to clarify I mean using the windows version of that tool, not the Linux one.

  • @domubpkm I have used windows 8 in the past, but not 10 as yet. I had no problems. Just take your time and double check things first, and good luck.

  • @domubpkm you can take a look to the tools available in BQ download page too

  • @advocatux It is done !!!

    My BQ E5 Android is now a BQ E5 UBPORTS 15.04 r3.

    No needs to go on BQ website.

    To install the old Ubuntu touch, windows 10 works well : i only install the latest flashtool FOR WINDOWS on

    It is important to know one thing before starting the procedure with flashtool : the phone must be switch on one time and plugged on the computer
    to be recognized if this phone has never been plugged on the computer. After, we can switch off the phone to start the flash tool procedure.

    Thanks for you and the advises of everybody.

  • @domubpkm Congratulations. Enjoy your new UBports Ubuntu Touch phone. Why not pop over to for more helpful info. Also theres the live Q&A tonight. Have a look at for all the details and once again welcome aboard.

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