How to Import Python library to clickable?

  • Hello, I'm new to ubuntu touch, and want to learn it as my Student project.
    So I installed Clickable and create example project like other newborn programmer do, "Hello World"
    Now it run smoothly with command clickable --desktop

    I want to improve it step by step. The first step that I want is import another python library into my .py
    but it got this

    can you tell me the proper way to import python module and include it when build the click file?
    thank you

  • Clickable generate project files like this:

    *- clickable.json
    *- CMakeLists.txt
    *- hello_world.apparmor
     - logo.svg
    * - #this where you get the .click file
     - hello_world.gmnx.pot
     - CMakeLists.txt
     - #shared object for target platform (.so file). there is python and pyotherside in this folder
     - #the python logic is here
     - Main.qml

    it's different structure from the link that you shared

    I can't find script folder and

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