Ubuntu 16.04 in Meizu Pro5 daily use

  • Hello there,

    im new here. Thanks for this community.

    Im using Ubuntu since 2001 and still love it ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
    I was that much interested to Ubuntu on my phone that time canonical was developing it. Then i was so suprised that they were dropping it i stored my phones (MX4, MX5 and Pro5) and never thought about the story might continue.

    Now i saw you guys here developing it further ๐Ÿ™‚

    I have actually a flashed Meizu Pro5 64GB version running 15.04. Im happy with it as my backup phone but would love to see some updates. I saw about a possible upate to 16.04 and im curious about.

    Can anyone tell me more about 16.04 on Meizu Pro5?
    Is there still this bluetooth scrambling voice bug (which is basically the main reason im not using it daily)?

    Thanks for an update here.

  • @aki Hi, and welcome back to UBports Ubuntu Touch. First 16.04 is on the way and all effort is being put into getting that up and running so no more updates to15.04. Howeveryou could put your phone on the dev channel in update settings for the cutting edgeso to speak o 15.04. Have a look at the bluetooth thread for more info on that

    Have a look here for general info on UBports

    Enjoy your UBports phone

  • @akI
    I am currently using my Pro 5 with xenial as a daily driver. Here are my experience so far (probably forgetting some things + haven't really tested everything yet):

    What works:
    All basic functions for mobile and wifi, including mms (tested with Telenor Sweden)
    Contacts and calendar sync
    Online accounts
    Bluetooth connection works, but there are issues with audio routing

    What doesnโ€™t work:
    Phone audio over bluetooth (brief scrambling noise, then quiet)
    Calendar app (crashes right after launch)
    Dekko2 (but there is a really good Gmail web app alternative)
    Google+ (wonโ€™t display more than briefly on any browser)

    What is flakey:
    Ringtone volume (sometimes extremely loud despite ringtone volume set low)
    Notifications (in fact, mostly not working)
    Anbox (very, very unstable. No keyboard, no connectivity)

  • @tomoqv Just a quick response as rushing about. Try uVolman app from the openstore it might help with ring tone. As for notifications try switching to the dev channel in update settings see if that helps you can always go back after if you want.
    Derek 2 should work on 15.04 I would just check your settings in the app against working settings on another device first off. Sometimes some of the security permissions don't match. As for thevithers there is abug tracker on github. Sorry using phone at present so can't find link, and don't forget 16.04 is nearly here which should help with alot of issues.

  • @lakotaubp
    Your response was a little too quick, this thread is about 16.04, not 15.04. I have already switched to xenial on my Pro 5 and was sharing my experience so far. uVolman is not available for xenial yet.

  • @tomoqv time to slow down

  • @tomoqv Plz update today, we seem to have fixed a few things that affect camera and GPS. Lets hear from you if it works ๐Ÿ™‚

  • @flohack
    Me and my phone are having an extended weekend :-). I though the fixes were due tomorrow, but I'll try. Somewhat afraid to bork my phone again by updating to soon...

  • While I am at it, I also post links to a couple of vidz showing the Pro 5 performance compared to OPO (albeit with the older vivid).

  • @Flohack
    I can confirm now that camera and gps works - awesome!

  • @Flohack
    G P S
    UNAV works for me here in USA Tennessee
    Camera works also

                no need to go back to 15.04

    great work , that just leaves a few other things before the end of the month.
    I know you can do it

  • @flohack yep, GPS working and so is the camera, great work guys. Now I only wait for Dekko and the switch to 16.04 will be permanent.

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