UT for xperia xz premium ?

  • I'm just wanting to know if or when UT will be available to install on my xperia xz dual sim G8142 . I am having a hard time finding any confirmed working ether os or custom rom that is without google that works with my phone . I was hopeing to get UT on my phone so I could completely move away from google and have the freedom to stop apps and programs from taking my info when ever they feel like it. thanks in advance ,from what I've read it looks like a pretty good group of people here.

  • Hi bill, and welcome to the crazy Ubuntu Touch by UBports world! :)
    Did you have a look at the supported devices here? I checked but I don't see your device already supported nor in development I'm afraid...but maybe someone else will come by and will rebut me.


  • @matteo the current & updated supported devices list is https://devices.ubuntu-touch.io/

    I don't know why that other one is still online, I've asked to webmaster team to link the right one, and they did it on some occasions, but it always come back like in a bad terror movie :)

    @bill some people are trying to port some Xperia models to Halium, a necessary first step to then port them to UT, but it seems nobody is working on XZ (if that's the right name).

    See https://github.com/Halium/projectmanagement/issues?utf8=✓&q=is%3Aissue+xperia

  • @matteo thanks for the welcome. I've been looking all over the web and it seems there isn't many people working on this model because what i can gather it's not an easy one to crack. but I think I might of found something that might help. there is a program called "xperiaifix" (i'm not 100% on that spelling) and I'm lead to believe that it will unlock my bootloader and root. I'm going to check it out later when I get some more time. also what I have found out is it seems if you put a custom rom on this model it takes green photo's . but I dont realy care about that because I want to put on UT. looks like I'll have to wait till some awesome person makes a port for it.

  • @advocatux thanks for your time , I went to the devices link but it wouldn't let me enter any details or even click on anything , not sure why that is.
    I had already looked through the halium list but no luck . I'm under the understanding that my phone xz premium G8142 being a dual sim is different to the G8141 and the single sim G8142, not 100% sure why because I haven't had a chance to read through or watch all the info on it yet . thanks again for your time if I get any helpful info I'll post it up.

  • @bill you're welcome

    I went to the devices link but it wouldn't let me enter any details or even click on anything

    Are you using some sort of script blocker on your browser? like Noscript or something like that?

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