16.04 update ,dev,ver 108

  • open-store opens ,but blank screen,
    anyone else ?

  • @marathon2422 what UT version? what OpenStore app version?

  • m10 fhd 16.04 2018-07-03 ver 108 OPEN-STORE is now ver 2.41

    i tried to download latest open store via ttp://open-store.io
    that is when i found both browsers not working .
    a reboot fixed that
    i downloaded the latest open store ver 2.41 and installed via UT tweak tool.

    all seems OK now.

  • Do you have had success in getting libertine apps running? My Desktop applications scope is always blank 😞

  • @killerbee
    I installed it, downloaded a.deb of Firefox, no success though,trying to install it.

    I do not have desktop scope/app installed,i was trying,from system settings page,hit the + in the top right corner.

  • hmmm no scope for me too, so i assume its a nogo currently. Anylink to anyone having more info?

  • @killerbee
    I just looked in the Doc's. Section,no changes there,
    I will put a question,under Libertine,out there.

  • Hello,
    After updating in 16.04, copy / paste works very badly on the M10 FHD. In fact, pasting does not work very well. it takes several attempts to have it stick.
    Do you have the same problem?

    Apres la mise à jour en 16.04, le copier/coller fonctionne très mal sur la M10 FHD. En fait, le coller ne fonctionne pas très bien. il faut plusieurs tentatives pour avoir le coller.
    Avez-vous le même problème?

  • This post is deleted!

  • Please, everybody! Open a new thread for any non-related issue to the original topic.

    This thread starts with an OpenStore question, followed by a Libertine issue, and then a Copy&Paste problem !! lol

  • All fit to the subject 🙂

  • Hello everyone,
    On the M10 tablet, I have a small security problem with the browser. the browser opens the web page but cuts itself off leaving me a security message and for Browser next I can not open a page in the search engine.
    Here is the message that appears: "Something is wrong ....."

    Bonjour à tous,
    Sur la tablette M10, j'ai un petit probleme de sécurité avec le navigateur. le navigateur ouvre bien la page internet mais se coupe en me laissant un message de sécurité et pour Browser next je ne peux pas ouvrir de page dans le moteur de recherche.
    Voici le message qui apparait: "Quelque chose c'est mal passée....."

  • @locamama Hi this may well get lost here. If I were you I would start a fresh post in the support section and call it something like 16.04 Browser issue. That way those who know these things will be able to find it quicker.
    One thing to try before that would be to change your update settings to dev channel if you are still on rc. That will get you the latest upto date system and see if that fixes it. sorry I can't move it for you or would have done.

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