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  • I want to prepare myself for the upgrade to 16.04. To make sure that I can restore my old and running daily driver in the case, that some important apps will not be compatible with 16.04 I want to backup it before upgrading.

    • Is there a tool I can use? In former times @Flohack has worked on a script inside the MDT (exept the ubports installer because this is not running on my 16.04 desktop ubuntu)
    • Can I do it manually?In that case, what folders do I have to copy for this?

    Thanks in advance.

  • @bastos flash twrp recovery (flash only recovery!) for your device and do a backup - save it on your computer or external sd and flash back to ubports recovery ... worked for me in every circumstances as twrp is hassle free and reliable ...

  • Sounds complicated. Afaik there are only two folders to backup.

  • @bastos just backup the whole ~/home and you'll have all your data there.

    You really don't need ~.cache/ and the like, but you get the idea.

    If you want to backup the whole phone you can set it on recovery mode and adb to it and copy (pull) /data/system-data and /data/user-data

  • @bastos I use a very basic copy and paste method from my device to a laptop and back again with it connected by USB cable.
    Just copy them off and paste back again. Only have a few photos, music and very few docs. So easy.
    If you wanted to save apps and their info I have no idea.
    Edit or just see above post : )

  • Thank you all for your recommendations.

    @advocatux said in backup complete device:

    If you want to backup the whole phone you can set it on recovery mode and adb to it and copy (pull) /data/system-data and /data/user-data

    This sounds exactly what I want. So it will be adb pull /data/system-data followed by adb pull /data/user-data?

    Am I right with that the data will be safed in the folder where adb has been executed?

  • Just an extra 2p, Alan Pope BUDS still works fine i believe in case:
    and finally found back that one at the bottom: 🙂

  • @bastos Yes but maybe you need to create those folders and cd into them, I am not sure if adb assumes to cut off one level 😉

  • Backup works great this way

    • shut down my FP2
    • restarted with volume up and power to recovery mode
    • connect my FP2 via USB to my ubuntu 16.04 laptop
    • open terminal on laptop
    • type adb devices in laptop terminal to check if device is available
    • cd in folder in laptop the backupt should land
    • type adb pull /data/system-data in laptop terminal
      --- pull has started and lasts for feeled hours to get ready---
    • after finished type adb adb pull /data/user-data in laptop terminal
      --- wait another hours to get that ready
    • backup completed 🙂

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