How can you purchase new (or even "good") batteries? Are there any 3rd party battery manufacturers?

  • It seems like every device I buy has a used-up battery, and every battery I buy is aweful. It seems like every vendor is reselling old/dead/used-up batteries as new.

    So far I have bought three phones for the sole purpose of ubports (at least two (nexus 5 & oneplus-one) are listed on best-support page), and a box full of no-good batteries.

    But I feel like I must be doing something wrong... or not "into" some open secret (like everyone with continuous-use external batteries, or aftermarket battery manufacturers).

    How are you even using these phones, long term, as "daily drivers" without power?

    Is the situation different in Europe? Is there a magic product/service that converts a stock phone into using a commodity battery? What am I missing?

  • @osndok have a look at this for the nexus 5, but keep in mind the original battery was not the best to start with. I have not replaced an OPO battery but mine lasts about 24 hrs running 16.04 dev, my nexus 15ish. The only place I have looked is Eb**

  • @osndok I personally don't know about OPOs, it seems they have an OK battery, but about Nexus 5, the original battery was pretty poor for starters.

    I've changed the battery of my Nexus 5, it lasts a bit longer that the one that came with my phone, but it's nothing to shout about.

    The only "secret" I know is that Nexus 5 supports wireless charging, so I give it juice whenever I can.

  • Personally, for the Nexus I'd buy some wireless chargers and scatter them around your home/work (think I paid $15 for a 3 pack).

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