16.04 Ubuntu Touch Cultural Showcase. A Big Thank You !!

  • UBports News Channel, [03.08.18 19:00]
    We would like to extend a big “thank you” to everyone who participated in the 16.04 Ubuntu Touch Cultural Showcase (https://ubports.com/blog/ubports-blog-1/post/16-04-ubuntu-touch-cultural-showcase-149).

    The submission deadline has now passed, and it was a resounding success. We received over 50 contributions. We will carefully review all of the contributions and select a few to include in the 16.04 Ubuntu Touch image!

    All submissions were appreciated and valued, so we will put them all up for display in the near future. Even after the final selection you will be able to use any of the submissions on your device.

    If you have submitted something and did not attribute a license, then please contact event@ubports.com and let us know which Creative Commons license you would like us to use.

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