No phone network 16.04

  • After calling with the phone app, the network is gone, so I can't make any phone calls, and other people can't reach my phone by calling me. It takes a 10 tot 20 seconds to get the connection back (name of the provider showing again in the phone app). The icon for the phone network shows like there is no problem.
    Also, when I call someone, and break the connection, the phone app stops, so I need to start it up again.

    When someone calls me and we end the connection, this problem doesn't seem to show up

    Phone: BQ E4.5
    OS: 16.04 version 127 (this is in dev mode, but the problem is also in rc mode)

    Problem is not in 15.04

  • @thebird I've forwarded your question to some people who maybe can give an answer/solution

  • @thebird Thought I would check this myself and I get the same on my OPO, but the no network only lasts a couple of seconds. I get none of the other issues. It could be this is happening quite often but most people don't notice the brief no network.
    So can you please check. I'm on 16.04 dev (2018-08-06/2(416)). As an aside I love when you rotate the phone in system settings the About section shows up as well.

  • 16.04 dev (2018-08-07)

  • My fault very badly phrased that last bit. Please can anyone else reading this check and see if they get the same very short no network issue after making a call.

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