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  • The internet browser fails to show enough pages, some solution.
    An example
    BQ M10 FHD
    Ubuntu 16.04

  • @notxer we're in the middle of the transition from Oxide to QtWebEngine, and that's one of the reasons why OTA-4 is like a 'developer preview' and OTA-5 will be the 'real' stable release.

    You can try the new browser (WebBrowser Next) in the meantime.

  • @notxer Yes, it's known issue. The WebBrowser Next from Open Store is your only chance to see those webpages. The old browser is going to be removed and the new one = WebBrowser Nex, will be polished and debugged and ready in a short time.(hopefully)
    The new browser is working good, but there are some issues, like no bookmarks, or some pages are not displayed properly, but works.

  • @advocatux, Webbrowser Next is promising, biggest immediate "gotcha" is that the popup keyboard obscures all but one line of the web page, making it torturous for things which involve completion as you type (or if you need any context at all as you enter text). Any chance somebody could change it to only use, say, half the screen? Thanks!

  • @vandys the new browser is under heavy development and that's why you can see weird things like that but it will be fully functional for OTA-5.

  • Some time ago, Browser next was 'roughly' usable.

    Indeed, currently, browser next is fully.. UNUSABLE : a beautifull puzzle search engine DUCKDUCKGO for example !

    But if we see it in the positive side, it is certainly because there is an in-depth work on structure of a lot of files.

    We can only wish the best for ALL developpers on browser next project and the demigod Mariogrip (seen with his magic functioning tricks on Anbox). It is not a small issue to solve all problems..

    It is only the point of view of a user who think to the hassle for developpers..

  • @advocatux, and indeed, no lack of gratitude here for the epic task of catching up with Xenial! Once that one browser glitch goes away, I'm up for trying it as a daily driver. 🙂

  • @domubpkm yes, browser-ng is usable (sort of) in xenial rc, and almost completely broken in devel. The fix is already done and we just need to wait for all the pieces to fit in place 🙂

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