Q&A 36 This Saturday 15/09 At 19:00 UTC

  • Book your seats and clear that diary the next Q&A is this Saturday. Yes Q&A 36 Is on the 15/09 at 19:00 UTC. So get those questions and queries posted below on all things UBports Ubuntu Touch. It maybe be to with the still fresh OTA4 or general UBports development and progress all are welcome below.
    You can then watch live on Saturday here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mtAxf4LYY2k

  • Any news on notifications for signal?

  • What is the state of the automatic upgrate to Xenial? Will it still arrive before OTA5?

  • Where is the pre-announced Edge channel? We're waiting to test a thing or twoo...

  • How we can prioritize issues on Github?
    Currently there are ~415 issues created and i believe that some of them are more important for the users to be solved than the others.
    Last time when i asked about that @Flohack proposed to prioritize issues by giving "thumbs up" on Github but in my opinion that didin't work out.

    Maybe we could use some kind of voting poll for each OTA and besides the most important issues from your perspective you could take top 5-10 issues from the list. Thanks to this normal users like me would have some influence on how the system is developed.

  • @hummlbach Just to cut it short, because I am not on the Q&A this weekend: No, communication with OpenWhisper systems has ceased, they don't react on our ideas anymore. I still think they don't want to have a 3rd party mess with Signal, as they are afraid we could introduce security flaws or idk. Its a strange bunch of people...

  • @stefano That was answered last time. There is currently nothing in the Edge channel that is interesting to anyone but halium porters.

  • @unisuperbox I know it was, well, kinda. I thought that it might become available for all of us to test a new devices/ new halium related stuff. So, I'm confused, cos don't know what to expect.

  • @flohack thanks for posting the (unfortunately sad) answer here in advance.

    @tricky good point. And how to get rid of all the issues needing confirmation that maybe cannot be confirmed...? How to ensure that confirmation isn't possible? Should we close unconfirmed bugs after some time?

  • @hummlbach Actually all these issues that need confirmation could be easily picked up by our community. In most cases it's just few minutes of work to confirm or reject it.
    Anyway i dont think that such issues will appear on our list. Who is going to prioritize not confirmed old crap? 🙂

    In my opinion that should be separate point to do a bit of clean up on github.

  • do the legacy devices also get updates until ota8? Or is the roadmap only for core devices?

  • @einstein212 there isn't legacy devices anymore, all officially supported devices are core devices (https://devices.ubuntu-touch.io/)

  • @advocatux you beat me to it : )

  • Is there any plan to add more ways to sponsor UBports?

    For example donorbox has an interesting pricing for non-profits (https://donorbox.org/pricing).

    Thank you for your work !!

  • Could you say something more about Anbox for OPO? We know that you managed to run it successfully .Can expect image for that phone in near future?

  • @advocatux said in Q&A 36 This Saturday 15/09 At 19:00 UTC:

    @einstein212 there isn't legacy devices anymore, all officially supported devices are core devices (https://devices.ubuntu-touch.io/)

    Thank you for this information!

  • 1- Can you please tell us some words about progress of developpment of two 'basics', that is to say :

    • dekko 2;

    • browser-ng

    2- Have you already spoken about the contamination of invasive cookies (not chocolate cookies) ? Do you consider to find a solution ? Is it in including a mechanism in browser-ng ?

    Thanks for your big work.

  • Hey everyone,

    While I know many of you are curious about various apps being ported to 16.04, or released, most of them are not also being developed by the core devs who are developing the OS itself. Questions about specific apps are generally not a good idea for the Q&A, as the core devs who are doing the Q&A aren't developing them, nor are necessarily informed or kept up to date on the status. It is best to direct questions about specific apps, at the developers of those apps, instead.

    Also, UBPorts developers may not have a suitable answer for all of your questions, as they may require more research or thought to evolve an answer for; or your question may otherwise not be suited for the Q&A stream format. Please do not get upset if your questions are not answered in the stream. Note that you can always start a forum thread for a more complex question, or it may be answerable in Telegram chat group for simpler questions. Please also pursue answers through these methods, rather than complaining that your question did not get answered.

    Thanks all, and let's build a great platform with this great community!

  • The Qt Quick Controls 2 Gallery app is looking awesome. Will this become the new default toolkit for the system in the future?

  • You were asking for people's thoughts on PeerTube, @UniSuperBox... I think it's potentially a great platform, and we absolutely ought to head there. However, currently, they don't offer live streaming.