Ubuntu Touch on Sony Xperia X

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  • @livrecinq

    Wasted a lot of time over this issue with my F5121 which was previously running Sailfish OS using Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and Mac OSX . In my case had previously saved TAbackup prior to bootloader unlock for Sailfish, so downgraded device back to MM with Androxyde Flashtool, restored DRM (Androxyde Advanced settings), upgraded to stock Oreo, bootloader unlocked on latest firmware, turn on USB debugging, installed twrp-3.2.2-0-suzu.img, reboot into "recovery mode" TWRP wipe then advanced wipe for cache, dalvik cache, data and system, fastboot flash oem SW_binaries_for_Xperia_AOSP_N_MR1_5.7_r1_v08_loire.img and then ran UBports installer 0.14.4-Beta upon Mac OSX to install 16.04/community/fredldotme/devel and got "spinning white circle" this time. Remember to remove any microSD card for any subsequent OTA updates, now on v 10* OS build number 2020-01-01/2.

  • @aspergerguy Thanks for your comments ! For now, the key point is to remove any SD card before any attempt to install or update.

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  • @aspergerguy Hi, I'm also having trouble with a device that had SFOS. Can you tell me where you downloaded the stock xperia images from? There seem to be suspicious sites around.

  • @marklynch
    Stock Xperia images downloaded using Xperifirm within Androxyde Flashtool. If you want to find older MM versions you have to look under "Commercial & Journalists". Another source could be:link text

  • Location toggle won't stay enabled; I didn't see any comments about location beyond it working in late 2018... Was there a regression? Excellent port btw!

  • Hello. I have a problem flashing sony xperia x with ubports. I already follow all the steps. My phone is an android 8 oreo version, i unlocked to bootloader with sony flash tool. i already enable oem and usb debugging and i install the Sw binaries with fastboot. but when i start ubports, everything is working until the phone reboots to install the firmware and it boot in ubports recovery mode so is not anymore in the fastboot mode with the blue light on. And when i tried to put it back it gets disconnect. What can i do ? can i flash it from ubports recovery ?

  • @Stef7773 Hi There. It looks like you're doing everything right from what you say. I'm going to take a guess that you have noticed that the recovery screen comes on whilst phone still plugged into pc and the ubports installer still running and have thought you need to do something? If this is indeed what's happening then you should do nothing when the recovery screen presents itself on the phone, it's part of the process; just allow it to continue to completion.

    PS If I don't say this someone else will 😊 : no need to post the same question in two places on the forum it doesn't make it more visible. You would be helping if you removed your other post.

  • @ziggutas Good point on the twice thing.

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