Attention UBports Community! We Would Like Your Help

  • UBports News Channel, [19.09.18 15:50]
    Attention UBports Community!

    As UBports quickly grows, we need to know the clear answer to the question "Who is our audience?" so that we can develop our community and Ubuntu Touch correctly. Thankfully Querida, a member of UBports Marketing, has decided to do her International Business and Languages Bachelor thesis on this very topic for her graduation semester. So with your help we can all benefit from her hard work!

    We ask you to kindly take about 5 minutes of your time to fill out this survey.

    To thank you for your participation, we'll be sure to publish the detailed results of this survey on the forum so you, too, can know more about your UBports Community.

    Thank you for your help, and Querida thank you too!

  • Done! Thanks Querida for your engagement!

  • All done. However, I thought the lack of options for the What is your profession? question was funny.

  • Done. And some more important areas should have been included. Secondly, among few questions there are lack of known choices.

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