Are we forgetting the little bugs?

  • @dobey this has been covered about 17 comments from the top

  • Strange that this issue is coming back to you. I deleted this DB around Ubports OTA-2 and after that there was no double boot again. Also not after installing OTA-3 and OTA-5.
    I've looked at my E4.5 and it seems that this DB is build at every boot again. So could it be that there are some broken files on your system which end up in a corrupt database?

  • I have no idea, but from what you are saying "I've looked at my E4.5 and it seems that this DB is build at every boot again" this is what is happening, but you think the input to this may be broken?

    By any chance, you do not know what files go to make this up?

  • @ukphil Whatever music and videos you have on your device. But at most this db being corrupt would cause mediascanner2 to crash, and your music/videos not available to play.

    I would be extremely surprised if anything remotely like an actual reboot was a result of this database file being corrupted.

  • Maybe you can test if it depends on your media files or something else. It seems that there is an option to prevent mediascanner from scanning separate folders by creating a file named ".nomedia" in the folder you want to prevent from scanning. I think you have not so many folders containing media on your phone so it would be easy to test.
    After that please delete the DB and reboot the phone. I would expect that the DB-file will be rebuild but the mediaplayer will not know/detect any media on your device. If there's no double boot too you have found the problem. If not the search goes on 🙂

  • @kristatos what can I say, you are a star, that idea worked and I was able to determine that I had a bad media file in my videos > folder. I added a text file there saying ".nomedia" and rebooted a number of times. Each time I did not get the double boot issue on either start-up of shut down.

  • @ukphil YES !!! this worked also for me!
    Months of insecure (is there any virus?? that boots my device twice ???) are past!
    thank you very very much !

    < " it is a corrupt media database - "/userdata/user-data/phablet/.cache/mediascanner-2.0/mediastore.db" or /home/phablet/.cache/mediascanner-2.0/mediastore.db.
    I deleted this db and the double boot/shut down did not happen.">

  • Nice to hear, it seems that we're getting closer 🙂

  • @ksalver it sure does, thanks again. Hopefully this fix will be put in and more can have your fix.

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