Xenial Libertine Scope Desktop Apps Install Instructions

  • Hello,

    I have been scouring the internet/Github repos/ubports information for any instructions on how to build Libertine Scope/Desktop Apps on my OnePlus One running Ubuntu 16.04 RC. I see it's available for 15.04 but I can't seem to figure out how to install it on 16.04.

    Is there any helpful information that anyone would be willing to impart?

    Thanks in advance for the help.

  • @heywoodlh hi, these are the instructions http://docs.ubports.com/en/latest/userguide/dailyuse/libertine.html but it's easier just to use the Libertine GUI.

    Two things though: there's a bug for now that you need to tap the enter key instead of tapping the OK button, and don't forget to tap the cogwheel to get feedback of what's happening under the hood when you are creating, installing, etc in Libertine.

  • The scope is included in the image for 16.04. You don't need to install the old scope from the store, and should remove it if you did.

  • Well, I have 2 problems.
    In my Fairphone, I installed "libreoffice" from "system configuration" Libertine manager. But I don't have 16.04 legacy applications scope (is missing), and Desktop Applications Scope shows no app.
    In Bq Aquaris M10, I deleted "Vivid" Desktop Apps Libertine Container, I have installed "Xenial Xerus" Libertine Container, but, when I try to install any desktop app, always the same message: "no packages are installed".

  • @llamasjm have you deleted this file and rebooted this clears out the old info if you went from 15.04 to 16.04 without wipe
    Then re create the container and install using the libertine settings in system settings.

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