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  • My name is Jackie and I have tinkered with Linux since Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron. I have used a variety of desktops and laptops until 2 years ago when I bought a System76 Galago UltraPro. It currently runs Ubuntu 16.04 LTS on an SSD and 18.04 on a 1Tb spinner. LOVE that laptop!!!

    I recently purchased a bq M10 FHD Ubuntu Edition and am running 15.04 (r61). Became a Patreon supporter because I want to help this project and I am not a coder, developer or programmer. Thought that might be the best way to go! Look forward to seeing this community grow!

    If I can help with anything let me know!

  • @sledgehampster Hello and welcome to the UBports Ubuntu Totouch forum. Have a look at
    https://ubports.com/telegram-welcome to get you started.Glad you want to help out, have a good look round and see what intrest you, then get back to us. This link had more info about UBports youight find intresting also https://ubports.com/community/about-the-community and lastly if you have an issues installing UBports on any devices there's https://t.me/WelcomePlus to help out. Enjoy UBports.

  • Hello, I'm David aged 76, retired and living in Dorset in the UK. I graduated in physics in 1963 and initially worked as a R&D engineer on ferrite core and plated wire computer memory systems. I've been using linux systems for many years, especially Ubuntu and ordered a BQ Aquaris M10 Ubuntu Edition as soon as they went on sale. I subsequently switched to UBports and love it. I use my tablet for about two hours every day and it does most things I want. I really appreciate the UBports community and have gained the confidence to be able to post some questions to the support forum. I'm not a software developer, but I'm keen to try my hand at producing a simple webapp. So far I had some great help from the support forum. I would like to contribute to testing, but as I use 15.04 so much, I'm reluctant to install 16.04 and risk compromising my system. What I really need to do is to aquire another tablet. Oh BTW I speak and read french.

  • @dtarrant Hello David, Welcome to UBports at this exciting time. 16.04 rc has just been released so the stable version can't be far behind. If you haven't already have a look at these links to get started
    and this for any installing issues
    and carry on enjoying UBports Ubuntu Touch

  • @dtarrant Hello / salut David

    If you need it, there is still Ubuntu tablets for sale by BQ:

  • @libremax Thanks for the suggestion. Maybe that or a Nexus 5. I guess there are many Nexus 5 users, so an M10 tablet might be a more useful test bed.

  • Hi community!

    My name is Paul Reiter (neopar), I live in Germany and I am working as a software developer for mobile robots.

    I am using Linux since Ubuntu 6.06 (so I spent a lot of time configuring beryl, compiz, emerald… with a lot of pain around xorg.conf and fgrlx - my laptop with ati mobility radeon x1100 from 2007 is still doing well and is running bodhi linux now).

    I have some coding experience (Pascal, Java, Python, shell scripting) but also in administration (Jenkins, Redmine), virtualization (VirtualBox / QEMU) and handling with OS images.

    I own an BQ E5 Ubuntu Edition since first release and already coded some apps for it using Ubuntu SDK (QML + Python), but I never published them due ether some legal stuff or it was too special use case. Early last year I had to switch to Android (for managing some business issues via WhatsApp), so I had no clue what is going on in UT community for around one and a half year (just followed the canonical mailing list but it is dead since view months).

    Even if I do not have much free time for family reasons at the moment, I want to participate in this friendly community to make the world a better place… or at least to build a stable alternative mobile os.

    BR Paul

  • @neopar Hello and welcome to UBports Ubuntu Touch. Have a look here to get you started https://ubports.com/telegram-welcome and here for installing etc. https://t.me/WelcomePlus and this for a bit about the community https://ubports.com/community/about-the-community.

  • @neopar hi, welcome!!

    If you still want to develop apps, take a look to Clickable (https://clickable.bhdouglass.com/en/latest/).

    The easier and effortless way to keep you up to date is subscribing to the UBports New Channel in Telegram (https://t.me/ubports_news) and/or Matrix (#ubports_news:matrix.org). It's low traffic and not spammy at all.

  • Hi Everyone,

    My name is Paul Shapley and I think I'm probably the oldest on the forum at 54. I work in the UK with Geographical Information Systems and I'm a huge Ubuntu fan using this platform as a daily driver.

    I'm not a developer but I do have technical skills in open source mapping. I had an old OnePlus One left in a draw when I saw that UBports had developed a port for it on 'omgubuntu' several weeks ago and couldn't wait to install it. I'm converted already.

    I would love to help to get some open source mapping applications currently only available on Android across to UT through Anbox. I've already got a UT Webapp for one of them but not in the store.

  • @shapley hi, welcome!

    There's an OpenStore Telegram group (https://open-store.io/telegram) that you can join if you want to chat with other app developers. It's also a good place for app testing and getting feedback.

    Btw, you're not the oldest in this forum 🙂

  • You certainly aren't the oldest on the forum. A mere child in fact.

  • Hi,

    My name is Ashley from the UK. I am an archaeologist and I've been using Kubuntu for a while although I recently switched to KDEneon, I have no coding experience but plan to learn over the coming winter. I tried Ubuntu touch a year and half ago on a nexus 5 hammerhead with little or no success, I tried again a couple of months ago with far greater success and would like to completely move over from Android. One of the main issues stopping from the complete switch is my love of pebble watches which I am currently unable to set up.

    I would like to help with this project in some way.

  • @ashleycrue Welcome!
    You are lucky: you are not alone 🙂 as @bhdouglass is or was working on a Pebble app.
    Take a look at the app here https://open-store.io/app/rockwork.mzanetti

  • @ashleycrue welcome to UBports have a look here https://ubports.com/telegram-welcome to get you started. There plenty of ways to help out and we are always greatfull for the help send @wayneoutthere a pm on telegram if he doesn't get back to you shortly.
    Edit : Have contacted Wayne please go ahead and pm him. Thanks.

  • Hello guys

    I am a louies (nickname) is a student and also a ubuntu tohch phone (although I don't have any one phone that can support ubuntu tohch) and unity 8 fans

    What can be assisted at present is ui concept design and software translation (currently only English is translated into Chinese traditional)

    Hope is to be able to help

    Ps English not my language

  • Hi, My name is Sebastian (nick: obacht). I am a developer in the medical device business doing design control and risk management.
    I very much like the idea of (re–)using stuff as long as the material lasts and to e.g. not buy a new phone every few months as well as the ideas behind UT and becoming more independent from and less involved with g**gle, apple and the like. I am not experienced with GNU/Linux, coding and so on but I think itˋs always good to have a few dummies around for testing of the gui and feedback :–)
    I bought me a used n5 for testing and I am looking forward to the day that UT has everything I need in a daily driver (from what I see and tried until now I am only missing the option of generic carddav sync — and there are people working on it)
    After a few weeks reading and posting here I must say I do like and appreciate the warmth and dedication in that forum. Thank you all and keep up the good work and spirit.
    Best regards from Jena (germany)

  • Very happy to have you both on-board. I know you've both had a look around but this link may be worth a look https://ubports.com/telegram-welcome You know where we are if you need anything else : )

  • @cibersheep Thank you for the welcome, I have installed the app and tried to use with varying degrees of success but connection seems a big issue. I am going to try contacting the developer or post on the forum over the next few hours.

    @Lakotaubp Thankyou as well, I have sent him a PM

  • Hi

    I'm a linux user since suse 6.x or so (so you can tell I am really old) coming from Germany. I am in an endless quest to ban Windows/iOS from all my systems, which is largely successful - except that I have to have Windows boot option on my desktop for tax declaration. But anyway, that is only fired up once a year.

    After the Youyota tablet turned out to be a scam (luckily I put no money in it) and Purism shelved their librem11 for now, I got my hands on a new BQ M10 FHD and started to install UBports. After I realised that I had to install android-tools on my Suse laptop (is that somewhere in the docs?), everything went smoothly

    I should come clean: I prefer SuSE + KDE. So I hope I will not get banned from here to never speak again...

    I now also managed to get the libertine container installed. After I removed a link that pointed to nowhere (maybe from the system-settings set-up that did not work for me? Should I report that here or on github?) I was able to install a container. Now I got emacs and orgmode running the only thing left is

    • setting up the modifier and arrow keys for emacs in the terminal
    • waiting for the purism librem5 to also have a linux phone

    Thanks to the ubports community for all the hard work!

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