Welcome to the UBports community! Introduce yourself here!

  • @Pingu welcome aboard you might find this useful https://ubports.com/meet-the-community and remember age is not a barrier. Some here would consider Flohack quite young 🙂

  • @Lakotaubp I just installed riot in ubuntu and can now join the german ubports - where are you at?

  • Hello cela here, been using a Nexus 5 on Ubuntu Touch as my main phone for the last 6 months, happy with it and happy to be free from Android, it does all I need.

    I am interested in open software and hardware and plan to get a Pinephone when it is on general sale so I can have an 100% android blob free Linux Ubuntu Touch phone.
    I hope that Ubuntu touch retains its uniqueness,I feel it must look and feel different to the big 2.

    I would hate to see Anbox become a core app, the way forward is we must have more applications on the open store, I hope contribute soon.

  • @cela Welcome and have a look here for some basic info then just jump in https://ubports.com/meet-the-community. Any further questions just ask.

  • @CiberSheep hey man thx for lone wolf if that was you I had so much fun going through these adventures ^^

  • Hello. My name is Tom, I live in Poland. I like the founding of the open source community. Ubuntu Touch is great idea and i think this is a future for people who think about freedom and privacy. Greetings ,)

  • @tomasz Hello and welcome, please have a quick look here for some useful info https://ubports.com/meet-the-community and enjoy Ubports and Ubuntu Touch

  • I just got my PinePhone Today, and installed Ubuntu Touch!
    so in that regard I'm a newb. Ive been running and programing in linux for about 15 years, but I'm sure most of what I write a horrible hack. I'm an electrician, I mess with lasers, leather, electronics, ancient traditional art forms, steam Punk, and just make random stuff. I can hardly wait to make my pine phone do novel things, but I'm just figuring out where everything is, and how its all set up.

    I am setting up some Events at HOPE this year (2020) in NYC, in conjunction with the Maine hacker Club, and the Bangor Makerspace. We'll have an electronics instrumentation lab, Retro computing exhibit with special tribute to Chuck Peedle, and a Laser Cutting workshop. I'm really excited for all that. I'm encouraging all the hackers i know to go. I would love to meet some of ya'll as well!

  • Hi to all. I've been a member since 24-Jun-2019 (right about the time I bought a Fairphone 2). I find the folks on the UBports Forum to be very friendly and welcoming. I've also gotten to love UT. 🙂

  • @Eric
    Hi, welcome here.

    You can watch those videos Rob made to show what is different in Ubuntu Touch compared to other Linux distros

    Given that you have a PinePhone I think you already have checked those links :
    And this post on Pine64's forum :

    You can join the telegram/matrix groups to have more interactive help.

  • Little (and late) presentation : I've been using Ubuntu Touch for almost a year on my Meizu Pro 5.

    Apart from a few bugs (mainly the one on Dekko that didn't handle multiple accounts well) I was very happy with the experience, I even made my honeymoon in Japan using uNav (not always simple with Japanese place names though). I even made several icons for different applications (including the one for Tiny Tiny RSS by Alberto Mardegan) and some WebApps.

    It's really Canonical's announcement to abandon the project that really pissed me off and pushed me to resell the smartphone.

    I really didn't expect the project to be resumed with so many participations and excellent work !

    Currently on an Android smartphone without Google (Meizu Pro 6 Plus), I must admit I really miss the UT experience.

    I mainly come here to discuss, get information and potentially look for a new smartphone to test the OS (and migrate later).

    Thanks for your attention !

  • G'day. I'm David and I'm here because I've had a long time interest in Ubuntu. (more often than not my go-to solution for repairing / resurrecting / resuscitating any old laptop at the Repair Cafe where I volunteer). Now that my Braveheart Pinephone has arrived in Oz I'm keen to see what the Ubuntu Touch experience will be like especially anything accessibility related.

  • @Nulla Welcome on board!

    Accessibility-wise we still have a very long way to go, I am afraid. But I understand there are some community efforts in that area.

  • @arubislander am keen to find out who has done what. Will keep checking over the forums and see where I can contributor as a non-coder.

  • Morning Everyone,

    I'm Sam, and I'm a long time Linux user. I first installed SuSE on my desktop back in the 90s when I was working as Unix/C developer, writing industrial programs for AIX and HPUX. I turned to Microsoft in the early 2000's but I've been back on Ubuntu since about 2010 I think. I've recently reinstalled Windows 10 in a partition, but only because of the promise of Flight Sim 2020.

    I started to specialise in mobile platforms in 2001, and I'm always interested in keeping a very varied choice of ecosystems in mobile platforms. I bought the Aquaris E4.5 and M10 HD tablets when they launched, and I use them weekly (if not daily).

    I work as Head of Innovation Development for a (very) large and (very) famous FinTech company, and I'm always building things. I spent a lot of time with my soldering irons and 3d printers as well as my computers, and you can often find me at Cambridge Makespace (makespace.org)

  • @rival
    😃 Perhaps we could organize a mini-meet in the Baron of Beef (the pub where Chris Curry and Clive Sinclair had their famous ding-dong)?

  • Ha yes, I pointed it out to my son last weekend. We'd watched Micro Men previously so he knew who they were 😉

  • @DansLeRuSH Hi Frank, I know what you mean about being pissed off. I was very cross at the time, but I guess I understand that whole of the rest of the Ubuntu product line was being held up by UT and they needed to move on.
    uNav is great for Japan mapping data, much better than Google. I remember I took Maps.me with me last time, but I'll take uNav next time.

  • @rival Welcome Sam. 🙂

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