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  • @mike , @WLBI we have a statistics engine: https://stats.ubports.com/ so you can read the number, the contries and the channels 😉


  • @WLBI
    yea 14000 devices are a lot.
    thats seems indeed more like android + ubuntu
    thanks 🙂

    awesome thanks 🙂

  • I am a recovering geek who mistakenly thought biology would be my calling, and while stumbling through grad school, still found time to spend an inordinate amount of time learning about Linux, and open source software and hardware.

    My first smartphone was a the FirefoxOS-powered ZTE Open C, and the second phone is my Nexus 5 which is currently running LineageOS. I have the M10 FHD which I am willing to use as a test device for the latest images.

    I enjoy using the latest software and find reporting bugs and seeing them resolved to be a very rewarding experience.

  • Hello

    i have just migrated my meizu pro 5 ubuntu edition to ubports (i don't want to come back to android or whatever else OS 😉 ).
    I'm a french user, software programmer (in fortran, not really usefull for operating system 😉 ). The only text editor i use is the powerfull vi 🙂

    I use ubuntu from 2006 on my personal computers and unix/linux since 1999 for the professional side (at the university for the first years ). So i was happy to find ubuntu on phones, but a little bit disapointed when i hear about the last news from ubuntu. UBPorts is my last hope to continue to enjoy linux on my phone 🙂
    Thanks to everyone for the works already done.

  • Hi!

    I am Frank live in The Netherlands and been playing with Ubuntu Touch since I have a FairPhone2.
    Also setting up the ut4fp.org website and crm. Now trying to assist this project on Marketing side of things.

    I play with OpenSource software personally since '90s and professionally since 2012.

    See you ou there!

  • Hi,

    I'm Alex Noble, I currently volunteer at a PC recycling place and find myself using Linux a lot, especially when it comes to preparing PC's for sale. I have long been interested in an alternative, open mobile operating system, and I feel like the UBports project has some real potential. There's some real enthusiasm surrounding the project currently and lots of exciting developments, and I truly hope it does well. This is why I backed it on Patreon, as it's the only way I'm able to directly help unless you need assistance with testing.

    I have an old OnePlus One that I use Ubuntu Phone on, but it's not my daily driver at the minute, I am looking forward to the day when Ubuntu Phone is advanced enough to be a stable, reliable daily driver, and I will support it until then, and long after.

    Thanks for working so hard!

  • Hi, I'm Mark. I'm an I.T Manager and Web Designer who caught the Ubuntu bug 3 years ago and has since engrossed myself into learning Ubuntu Linux.

    I've previously owned a BQ E4.5, BQ M10 FHD, Meizu MX4 and I currently own a BQ E5 and have recently flashed a Nexus 5 with UBports.

    I'm passionate about the ease of use in technology so would definitely be interested in being a UX tester.

    I'm also about to take the plunge and train for the Linux Foundation Sys Admin certificate.

    Thank you to UBports for keeping the dream alive!

  • My name is Phil and I go by the name of “Phil UK” which is strange as I currently live in Sydney. I am originally from the UK though. I have been using Ubuntu now for ages and was waiting for Ubuntu Touch since I heard about it. I have no time for Apple and only use Android, as there are very few viable options. I jumped on the Touch train and brought three M10 tablets (for all the family) and have a BQ E5. I use my tablets continually and love them. I used to use my E5 as my daily drive, but had network issues with it. The Internet would just drop every few minutes. I think this is more hardware related, but as yet I have not flushed it.

    I am a professional software tester by day, but please do not let the affect your thinking of me lol. I will be looking to put the UBPorts image on one of my tablets very soon and look forward to helping take it forward. I was very active in raising bugs in Touch, ones that I personally feel could have helped the software move forward. On the whole I think we could make a good product, but believe that the foundations need to be sorted out before anything fancy is developed. This for me is sorting out the issues that some may class as minor, but do not give a good user experience.

  • Hello, my name is Andreas, I'm from Switzerland and currently use a Aquaris E5 as my mobile device. I use Linux exclusively on my Desktop for almost 17 years now (last Windows was 98 or something), mainly Gentoo for about 13 years. I'm working as a Linux systems engineer, for over 10 years now and have a lot of experience with systems automation with puppet and various other tools. So free software is basically my life 🙂

    I had various linux smartphones over the years, starting with the original neo1973 from openmoko, which could barely make phone calls, which was around the time the first iphone and android devices launched. Then on to n900, Jolla and after that one died I tried an Ubuntu Touch device and using it since.

    I just started to look into how one would package an application for the openstore and trying to get that working on my system. I really like how the UBports project has an enthusiastic drive and I am looking forward to see more of you all and hopefully I can contribute some stuff on my own.

  • @ZeroPointEnergy
    coooollll 🙂 welcome

  • Greetings all. My name is Craig, technical artist by trade, n900/BB10 refugee. The nexus5 is in the mail & will be wailing on UBtouch shortly...

  • Hi everyone,

    my name is Konrad, I'm from Italy and work as a System Administrator. Using a BQ Aquaris E4.5 since February 2015 as my only/daily phone. Want to keep it as long as possible as a daily driver. Have also access to a N5 for testing. A Linux user since about 2000, running SuSE , later switched to Debian and now running Ubuntu since nearly the beginning (4.10 Warty Warthog).
    Thank you all for keeping the Ubuntu phone alive!

  • @wgarcia Hey, sorry for the delayed reply, I've been out and about in the field 🙂 As I said, I've spent a huge amount of time scouring the interweb for all the tiny quirky solutions to the issues I've faced and it would have been wonderful if there were a curated UT wiki of stickies in just one place hint hint that addressed everything 😉 That said, a couple of good sources out there have been the fabulous German ubuntusers.de (https://wiki.ubuntuusers.de/Kategorie/Ubuntu_Touch/), Sturmflut's blog (http://sturmflut.github.io/) and the unofficial BQ Aquaris "manual" (https://gurucubano.gitbooks.io/bq-aquaris-e-4-5-ubuntu-phone/content/en/index.html).

    In lieu of that curated wiki, I'm happy to provide my own workarounds here, if you have any specific questions...



  • Hello everyone!

    I'm sorry for my late introduction. It seem to have been difficult for me to remember to do it at a time when i had time to do it. Anyway, i'm Hans from Sweden. 🙂

    My experience with Linux started a dual boot machine with Redhat Linux almost 20 years ago. After a few months or so, i turned it into a single boot machine and some months later i switched to Debian. Few years after that, i found Ubuntu and have stayed on that ever since.

    I really liked when Canonical introduced the convergence idea, and by the time they started to launch the BQ devices with Ubuntu Touch pre-installed i really started to think about having Ubuntu on the phone as well.

    A phone for me really has to be small enough, so my choice at that time was between the E4.5 and the Nexus 4. They both turned out to be quite hard to get, but i finally managed to get hold of a nice second hand N4 in Bangkok. I really hope it will last as a UBport's device for quite a while. Fingers crossed. 🙂

    The N4 had Android on it and i re-flashed with Ubuntu Touch. That was a really nice feeling to leave Android behind for some reason. I found that i really like Ubuntu Touch, and i think it is really nice that it is both a phone and a computer at the same time. I also very much like the high grade of open-ness and freedom.

    My dream is that not to far in the future some phones will be completely open (both HW and SW/FW), but i also welcome open and closed co-existing on the same device. It should be up to each and everyone of us to mix and match to get the optimal balance between freedom/open-ness, flexibility and favorite hardware, i think. 🙂

    I've been an Embedded Systems Developer since i graduated from university, so i'm also interested in this kind of phone from that point of view as well.

    Finally i'd like to thank you all for your nice contributions to this community. It is very nice here, and a lot of nice work has been made by members of the community!

  • Hi

    I am sebsebseb I have used Ubuntu over the years since the second release, but offline installs of Fedora Core 2 and 4 were my first distro. I am involved with Mageia as well on the community side here and there, but Ubuntu Touch was interesting, and I have three devices for that, plus a Salifish OS, Firefox OS, and Tizen phone etc. Been checking out Ubports here and there to some extent for a few months or so now, but yes finally joined the forum, so I am basically joining this community properly now. However I am wondering about a few things to do with my MX 4, including how to back up and reflash but for another thread.

  • Hi, newbie Andy Valencia here. I think it was a Slashdot article which lead me to ubports, and I freed up a Nexus 5. Working on notifications, with an eye on long term Blink/Oxide possibilities, since the platform will die without an ongoing browser strategy.

    I'm an old Unix dev (like, v7 on PDP-11 as my first Unix work), commercial OS work on HP/UX, Motorola's SVR4 and Sequent's SMP "big iron". I also wrote a microkernel (vsta.org). More recently it's been a bunch of HTML5, CSS3, ES6 kinds of work.

    I tried Touch a few years ago. One stream didn't even boot, one booted, wouldn't start a browser, and the phone heated up alarmingly. I come back last week and find my Nexus 5 pretty close to a daily driver! Many good things have obviously happened.

  • @vandys Can you pm me to share thoughts about browser & notifications 🙂 thx

  • Man I feel really dumb reading through this thread. There are a lot of brainiacs! My name is Jack and I am 24 and simply an Ubuntu enthusiast. Not only do I want to see this project thrive, I am also looking for a mentor. If you need work to be done, just point me in a direction and I will go. I may not have your background, but you'd be surprised how quickly I will pick things up.

    (seriously though, call on me for help with anything. I'll bust my ass for you)

  • Hi! My name is Sami and I'm from Finland. I'm 40 years old. I have been interested about Ubuntu Touch since beginning. I have Nexus 4 as my UT device. I also have Nexus 5, but it has Android and Sailfish dualboot.
    I like to always try something different than mainstream. I am not an developer..

    I have been using Linux (Ubuntu, Debian, Redhat) since 2001. I like to build all kind of things with Linux. I am good with Linux servers, it has been my hobby over 10 years..

    Big thanks to all of you keeping this project alive!

    Best Regards!

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