• After using uNav for a long roadtrip (my alternatives were google-maps and OSM-AND), I would like to discuss some issues/improvements.
    uNav is already working well, the maps and the simple interface are better than any of the alternatives. I would like to have it on a bigger screen permanently in my car (tablet, raspberry-pi...).
    What could be improved:
    ---> arrow is always pointing to north when not using navigation.
    I like to find the way myself, i use it more as a map. Seeing my driving/heading direction on a map that is always heading to north is very important. I normally don't use the guided navigation.
    ---> Adjusting the zoomlevel of the map by speed
    Sometimes in navigation mode it is important to see a magnification of the crossing, but sometimes i need to see where this crossing leads to. I would like to have an option to overrule the automatic zoom.
    ---> not all (voice) announcements are given
    When two crossings are very close to each other, the second voice-announcement is not given. You have to pay attention and look on the map, otherwise you will miss the right road.
    ---> there was a box in the lower right corner that shows nothing
    In my version (1.0) i could not see anything in this box, i think it was a magnification of the crossing, but it didn't work.
    ---> the best feature is the choice of the maps. Especially the opentopo-map is great for navigating in unknown places, it shows everything perfectly (landscapes, roads, houses). Hopefully this will never change!
    ---> battery drain
    Keeping the screen on leads to an impressive battery drain. Also using the mobile internet abroad makes a very high battery-use, i had to use a 1.000mA recharger to keep my N5 running (500 mA is not enough). I don't think that there is a way to improve at the moment.

    besides this, what features are we missing?

  • I would love to have something like live search suggestions. Especially in foreign countries where you not always know how to spell street names correctly this would be extremely helpfull!
    Would be amazing to implement this function like it works for example with graphhopper.com/maps/ or other navigation tools.

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