Nexus 4 - no service

  • So my nexus 4 can't seem to get cell service. The phone was clean and reset when i got it, so I flashed UT onto it and everything worked except I got no signal. Also the provider doesn't show up.
    I read that this is a common problem and has to do with the baseband version. First I put lineageos on it to see what would happen. Now the provider was shown, but still no signal. The I looked for some other baseband images but mostly found dead links. I tried a couple but no change. The sim works fine on my N5.
    Anybody know what I could do here?

  • @cunotj hi, what I would do is install the latest official Android stock rom ( and check if everything works fine. Then, install UT and see if the issue is fixed thanks to that latest firmware

  • @advocatux Unfortunately the problem remains. Baseband 1701.07 but still no network.
    Do you think it's a hardware problem? I did replace the screen, perhaps I broke something inside...

  • @cunotj if that software path didn't work, I would open the phone and check if all connectors are plugged correctly in their sockets (specially antennas).

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