Send Some: Indicators Love (week 3)

  • @dobey I'll do that when staying at my mum's (she has 18.04 with GNOME)

  • @dr0w I didn't know that. Thanks

  • @3arn0wl nope, it's how thing are put inside it. different things (connectivity, bluetooth, position, battery, volume ecc...) inside one single panel...

  • @dobey I don't understand exactly what you mean: a single panel but with more things/options that on android or a few panels but that groups things together?

  • imho there are too much indicators and scrolling through them sometimes is a bit long.
    So my idea is to hide/disable empty indicator (or the ones not visible when indicators are closed except the system one: so rotation, keyboard, files, position and bluetooth) and show only the icon (which becomes a button) at the top when indicators are opened (swiping left from the network indicator would go directly to notifications)
    If I want to use bluetooth I have to pull down an indicator and tap on the bluetooth button: this switches on bluetooth, enable it's indicator (e.g. to see other devices and other features will land in the indicator) and hides the button
    to switch it off just use the switch inside the indicator.
    same for others. ok it doesn't make sense for the files indicator: forgot the button, just disable the indicator if there's no content inside it

    idk if I'm enough clear, it's quite simple but complex to describe :*( ...

  • @mymike A single panel which has a few items, and notifications perhaps. A panel that is more convergence friendly. Anything that requires swipes only to work, is not a good solution.

  • @dobey Well, it should require swipes only on phones. idk how is the UX with a mouse but definitely it should not require swipes/drags , at least scrolling. if with the mouse you have to swipe then it's a bug and needs to be fixed...

  • @dobey I'm comming back from my mum's.
    I have used the indicators from GNOME now. Calendar is as busy as our calendar indicator though.

    The thing I don't like and it's similar to Android is you need to tap on several areas to expand the menu. And the GNOME indicator shows a lot fewer options that in UT. And this is what UT is much better at, accessing to several indicator in a very simple and direct way.

  • @mymike You know you don't' need to swap from one to another, if you swipe down on the indicator you want, it expands with that indicator. So the way is no so long 🙂

  • @cibersheep Yes, I am not suggesting we do an exact clone of GNOME or Android. There are things I don't like about both as well. But really, there's only so much you can fit on a screen, and having too much settings/information in indicators, is just as bad as having too little, if not worse.

  • @cibersheep well if you need location you need to pull down on network and swipe left as location icon is not shown as it is not enabled yet.
    and if I'm in the network to switch wifi on and then I want to go to notifications I can: scroll the top bar and tap notifications (but it's difficult to reach with one hand) or I can navigate by press and drag the bottom bar (easier with one hand) but I have to pass through all the indicators. hiding/disabling unused would improve the UX lot IMO

  • @mymike I agree that there are some indicators that I use far more than others, and some I use not at all, so I wonder if it is possible / desirable to be able to customize the top bar? But at the same time be able to reach other settings easily, when necessary. (Actually, it's not that hard to reach any settings really, is it!?)

  • @3arn0wl

    (Actually, it's not that hard to reach any settings really, is it!?)

    no it's not. but my proposal would speed up it that means a better UX

  • @3arn0wl said in Send Some: Indicators Love (week 3):

    (Actually, it's not that hard to reach any settings really, is it!?)

    Try navigating the indicators using only mouse/keyboard sometime. Remember, we are building a converged platform, and not simply a phone/tablet system.

  • @dobey Ah! Fair point. (I don't have a keyboard yet, sadly)

    Edit: The top panel in Unity7 was easy enough to use with a keyboard...?

  • @3arn0wl if you get a male microUSB to Female USB adapter, then any USB keyboard can be used with your UTouch device. (do double check if you need USB 2 or USB 3 on the micro side though)

  • Thanks @arubislander . I know the one I'd like, but I haven't found it in a shop yet. 😕

  • Time is up for this week.
    Thank you all for you input and idea. It's clear that is not clear where want to arrive. So, let's come back to the subject in the near future.

    As a resume, I would say we agreed on:

    • we kind of like the notification
    • we want them changed
    • We like them like they are
    • but different

    Again: thank you all

  • @cibersheep

    Following on from something that was suggested in the Q&A yesterday - a Tor Network button:

    0_1543146756700_Network Indicator.png

    If only it were that easy to write and implement the code. 😕

  • @3arn0wl True!

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