Observations on battery life - please share your experiences

  • @lakotaubp Do you have a N5 to compare with OPO? There are few OPO's out there to buy, but not really sure.

  • @chdslv I have two in fact. Which I mess about with now occasionally. Last time I tried one with 3g sim wifi and location got just over 24hrs in stand by 16.04 dev.

  • @chdslv Please stop aggressively hijacking threads and being confrontational about battery performance issues on the N5 with UT. There are open issues in GitHub about the problem already, and ranting about how you think Android is better, while you are doing nothing to help debug where the problems are, does absolutely nothing to move the issue along toward a fixed state. That is what @Lakotaubp meant with the comment.

    If you have the skills and time to help debug and solve the issues, then please do. If not, please stop berating the community over your one pet issue. It's rude and does not help. If you feel UT is not usable for you yet, due to this issue on the Nexus 5, and you must use Android instead, then please do, and leave the issue to people who do have the skills and time to work on and solve it.

    But please stop being aggressively confrontational in our community.

  • @dobey Explaining this matter, the last time.
    I bought this N5 after reading this https://devices.ubuntu-touch.io and whole lot of forum posts here. N4 and N5 were supposed to be ones that would work fully with UT. Bought the phone only for testing UT. (I have no interest in buying an older phone to use with Android, mind you.) When I noticed the battery drain, I had to choose; either change the battery or check how it works in its original state. So, I chose check the N5 in its original state. I posted the results, thinking it would help the community, rather than antagonizing it. I am new here, by the way.

    I agree as it is my phone, it is my problem.

    @Lakotaubp says OPO's battery is doing well. There are few OPOs out here to buy, for more less the same price as the N5. The idea is to test UT with a phone. If I buy it, it is my problem then, so won't post on the battery status, or on any other matter.

  • @chdslv We are always here to help and assist where we can. However we will not allow the issues you have been made well aware of.
    If you have another issue or problem regaurding Ubuntu Touch you will be welcome to post it on the forum. The Community is here to help.

  • @chdslv Working fully and has no bugs are not the same thing. Yes, the N5 is one of the best supported phones at the moment. No, it is not free of issues. The battery performance is one issue. Whether battery performance is an issue on other devices or not, or under other operating systems or not, is mostly useless information. There's no need to keep repeating it in multiple threads. The situation is known, and you've been made aware that it is known.

    There are many things to test on UT, which are not battery related. If the device is for testing UT, then please move on to test other things. A daily report that the latest devel image still hasn't fixed the battery consumption problems, is not helpful. The issue is open on GitHub. When that issue is marked fixed, then it would be appropriate to note (on that issue), if the issue has not been resolved in some situations.

    I don't know what your testing consists of which leads you to see such poor performance. My N5 battery lasts well over a day, though WiFi and Bluetooth module is damaged, so I am unable to use either one at all. That is undoubtedly to the benefit of battery consumption, as one noted workaround is to kill a bluetooth management process (which makes bluetooth unusable until a reboot). Have you even tried this workaround?

  • @lakotaubp said in Observations on battery life - please share your experiences:

    @chdslv We are always here to help and assist where we can. However we will not allow the issues you have been made well aware of.
    If you have another issue or problem regaurding Ubuntu Touch you will be welcome to post it on the forum. The Community is here to help.

    Thank you for the help offer, that is, if I buy the OPO. N5 will be sold, so the problem is over.

    Only, please understand, the OP is "Observations on battery life - please share your experiences" and I was writing about my observations and experiences on the phone that I own, not on other phones. I wrote about my "observations" before this thread.

    Anyway, the N5 battery problems are over, at least for me. If I buy the OPO, and if I find any problems other than the battery, I'll ask. There's no need to antagonize anyone on something that can't be solved.

  • LEG Nexus 5 (LG D 821) let battery discharge so phone won't start. Charged to 100% ( battery symbol white). Phone on 16.04 dev (updated to 722 and apps updated) 3g sim, location and wifi on. No calls made, one sms received phone left in stand by, downloaded dev 725 but did not install. Battery after forty four and a half hours 15%. Posting now as will probably miss when battery run out.

  • @lakotaubp I've been doing some research on the life of lithium based batteries for last few days.

    They don't have any memory like effect as in the older Ni-Cad batteries. What might damage the lithium battery is dropping the battery charge to 0% and leaving it for long time. Charging it to 100% all the time only makes the charging cycles less. It is better to charge up to 80% to get more charging cycles from the battery. Short charging the battery also helps it.

    When the mobile phone goes to sleep, some apps are still working depleting energy. If the phone is completely off, no apps are working, you'd get practically the same battery level the next day, when you boot it up, but that's not what a mobile phone is for. It should be on all night, all day.

  • @chdslv no, sorry, that makes no sense. This is a good article about that topic: https://www.popularmechanics.com/technology/gadgets/a15731/best-way-to-keep-li-ion-batteries-charged/

    And the real enemy of lithium-ion batteries is heat btw 🙂

  • @advocatux From the article you linked.

    "That old saw about how you always need to charge you battery all the way up, and use it until it's dead? Memory effect, as it's called, affects NiMH batteries but it doesn't apply to your phone. In fact, you're phone's battery hates when you do that. Similarly, lithium-ion batteries don't need to be "calibrated" with a full charge and a full discharge when they're new."

    "A lithium-ion battery typically charges in two stages. First comes the process called constant current charging."

    "When the battery is 70 percent recharged, the procedure changes and flips over to constant voltage charging. During this second stage, the charger makes sure that the voltage—that is, the difference in current between the battery and the charger—stays the same rather than keeping the current constant. Practically, this means that as the battery gets closer to full, the current the charger sends into it decreases. As the battery gets full, the rate at which it charges slows down. Once you reach 100 percent, the charge simply trickles in, just enough to account for the tiny, tiny bit of charge your battery loses naturally over time."

    Anyway, the 100% charge the battery until the icon becomes white is not exactly correct. Usage of the energy depends on how much the apps use them, over time. Apps use the energy they need, disregarding the level of energy in the phone battery. And a mobile phone sleeps most of the time.

    Finding a fresh, new OEM Li-Ion battery for our few years old phone is pretty hard -- out of production for a year or two.

  • @advocatux Charge cycle management is how to extend battery life. Discharging down to 10-20% and only charging to 80-90%, depending on the specific battery specs, will optimize battery life span.

    But that is completely unrelated to whether the hardware (and any software running on it), is using the battery optimally, or wasting it.

    I don't think we need to discuss overall lifespan problems of Li-Ion batteries in this thread. It's pretty unrelated to whether UT has bugs affecting daily discharge rates.

  • @alan_g said in Observations on battery life - please share your experiences:

    Next time I see this I should open a terminal, run "top" and capture the screen. It might give an additional clue. (Other suggestions welcome.)

    I've now done this:

    1. When I spotted the problem:



    1. After attempting to "shutdown", when it seems to simply restart Unity8:


    1. After forcing power off and restarting:


    1. An hour later:


  • @alan_g So is ofonod the culprit? In my Nexus 5, it seems it got fear to be discovered because it hasn't done this for more than 20 days. My battery is lasting now all day long when it doesn't enter into this process.

  • @wgarcia said in Observations on battery life - please share your experiences:

    @alan_g So is ofonod the culprit? In my Nexus 5, it seems it got fear to be discovered because it hasn't done this for more than 20 days. My battery is lasting now all day long when it doesn't enter into this process.

    This is one data point. ofonod may well be the culprit. Alternatively, it may be a victim.

  • And it seems that we're not the only ones to see this:

    asked Aug 17 '18

    I am using sailfish X, on xperia X device.

    Once in a while, I notice that my device gets hot, and its battery drains quickly. top shows that this is due do ofonod process, run by user radio.


  • As I already said I have this problem on my Nexus 5, which is still also loosing a lot of power in stand-by-mode (but I haven't updated phone bios until now!). But I do not have this problem on my BQ E5, which is regarding energy management phenomenal!

    But I can remember some versions from canonical at the end of 2015, where my BQ E5 had a comparable behaviour of charge levels as the graph of @alan_g shows. At that time some days later a new version came and this problem was not existing anymore. Don't know if that helps here.

  • Edge channel this started to happen to me also from the last 1-2 weeks

  • I went back to OPO as my daily driver a few days ago. It has been while since I used it daily as I have had Pro 5 as my main device for some time.

    Now, with the OPO on the devel channel, I can conclude that battery performance is pretty poor. Today, I took it off the charger (fully charged) at 06:40am, have done a couple of phone calls and some e-mailing with Dekko. That aside, very light use. I have all radios enabled (and bluetooth connected to my Pebble smartwatch), but have mostly been on WiFi. At 12:40, the battery was down to 40%, which equals an average hourly drain of 10%. That is considerably worse than my Pro 5 under similar conditions.

  • Since the last release channel update on my Nexus 5 last week the energy management of the phone seems to be improved. So I changed my BQ E5 to Nexus 5 as daily used phone.

    I installed a fresh ubuntu touch system on the Nexus 5 (again release channel, Nexus 5 has newest bios installed). Than I tried to recalibrate the accu - discharged it completely in bootloader mode and recharged it to 100% until the green signs changed to white. Than I turned off everything (WLAN, bluetooth, mobile data, location):

    After 9 hours in standby (without turning on) the phone discharged from 100% to 63%. In the same time my BQ E5 discharges from 100% to 99%.

    Actually everything else on my Nexus 5 is really working very fine and I love this phone. But it is still loosing so much energy power while I am not using it that this is still a knock-out argument for this beautiful phone / ubuntu system combination! What the hell it is doing all the time while laying around?

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