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    The Mastodon account needs some love. Last post was January this year. 😞

  • @Opolork this is a very old thread, we're using another address now 😉


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    @Opolork this is a very old thread, we're using another address now 😉


    Cheers, advocatux . Following. 🙂

  • I think that things will change soon rapidly. So be ready for that.
    The World is changing, I don't know how much you guys know what is going on out there? You are focused inside of core source and bless You for that. But things are going pretty fast right now. Talking about government hmmm.. not easy.. not even to say to sell them ubuntu. Unfortunately they are on another side and if they will promote UT then there won't be a difference if you buy android ios or ubuntu. And most likely you won't met me here to.

    There is going to be plenty of work and not only UT but all environment linux system, You will see. I hope that we are all mature enough to do it. Is just started 5G, Starlink etc.. the Matrix movie is going to be real soon everyone of us will decide on which side is going to stand, linux guys are clear for me.

    So there is going to be lots of work.
    Promotion will start very fast soon, end users are waiting, but end users aren't computer technically knowledgable so they need to get preinstalled UT like android and it must work in their hands without hangouts.
    For example I'm going to promote UT and we will see how fast my promotion will grow. It will depends from two things all applications work stable, there is fast support if Inad my clients find the bug. Because my clients will be all different kinds and even some of them were doing different technical works when were young on university etc.. but when you get more adult things are changing rapidly family, kids work with very often not so ambitious things overtake all your live and you realizing that you don't have time for anything, friends are living and you are sitting with home with your family, work and many problems. This is how things are with the time. I was wandering how it is, seems that when getting older you have more space but much less time to do your job, ask your gurus, guys over 40, the time goes twice more faster than you are 20, very funny.. 🙂 I was thinking why is that and is something connected that in some moment we are slowing down with thinking this is why the time goes faster, but we have more space and we are better then as managers than typical workers/programmers/etc.. but also easier solving problems and hitting the point, this is how things are and this is why you see your managers more matured in age than you.
    I just bought two different phones and going to make two UT available one for me another for colleague so we can test communication and different softwares. My colleague is going to be kind of reach out, promoting UT system around his friends he is totally not computer tech, he is artists has his mac and doing some different paintbrush stuff, so I will be giving this kind of gifts to the other friends that they can use it and give me their feedbacks and also promoting around their friends, there will be different types of people from 15y.old to old programmers, from musicians to construction workers, if they are satisfy or what should be improved.

    For me important is simplicity, better focus on stable app than on many options. In my case, I very rare change any options in aps, for me is important that app is fast and stable and do its job.

    For example I can see on Nexus 5 on UT site that is under promoted devices but there is something not 100% in compare to OnePlusOne, I don't know what exactly is that but if we wanna reach general end users then apps must work 100% what will be for general people. Convergance its a great stuff, I was thinking to make this with my tablet time ago but always something was to do, to busy just using comp to do my work which wasn't so creative, but it must work 100% on promoted devices and so on. So maybe sometimes is better to take advanced programmers who are working on some code from the list bellow and finish the top ones, pure and clear, otherwise there can be many projects open and no one finished 100%. To do the job 100% is professional job and only then we can reach really general users. In my opinion is better focus on some devices, fix them 100% and promote, like for example "iphone", you just have one "iphone" no? and not 40 different models. It will be nice to have for all of them UT working and we can do this way, but first make a core, very strong system working on dedicated phones, whatever you thing which phone will be the best, lets do for one phone from the highest shelve mean cpu etc.. I don't know exactly which one it can be I will see how work the promoted one and let you know, we will work on it, I wanna do it this is one of my dreams since always to make linux out of the box on dedicated machines otherwise not possible to much hardware creates to much mess, better choose good stuff and do it for it 100% stable and quick at least for the general users, for educations, learning yes it should work like it is. Maybe this sounds little set on limit, well I don't know, just sharing my first thoughts to community but if we wanna reach out to millions it must be like that. better have one, two, three phones of different costs so everyone can chose from the phones from 150$ to lets say 1000$ or 800 or maybe 500 $ or something like that.. so people with money can buy better in meaning only faster with better camera and better screen or something like that and people with les money can afford the same system but with lilttle less parameters.
    When I was on university one dr. during classes said that 486DX is all what general user needs, and this is honestly true we could make ubuntu colorful on machines pretty close to 486DX CPU ( on some pentium) for general users of course (phones have now much more faster CPUs already). So personally I'm not demanding for new super fast devices, but to make mobile device as computer then maybe we should think to make support for one of the latests? I don't know I'm not technical in news tech. For me if is working stable and not so long waiting for load who knows what and has clear screen this is all what I need.
    Similar with the tablets, the one UT supports is impossible to buy, it will be hard to promote Bq Aquaris M10 FHD if there is not possible to buy one.
    I love your work! I'm here exactly for that you are looking for, for promoting your phones among general users and we will go as fast as we can mean it will be depends from three things how fast apps switching and working and from stability.
    And from availability of devices. If you can get from somewhere 1000 M10 FHD at the beginning then no problem but see the future that we will need of them hundreds of thousands so we will need to have support for good device which will be available to buy. Can you imagine that your device will be stable like android with its own aps? they will go like a water from the waterfall, you will see..


  • @davidcolombo I may be wrong, but sometimes I question Ubuntu desktop privacy (not UBPorts). Just seems like most big companies are giving in to government pressure in US.

  • @Nathan123 It's not only governments. Do you know Captcha, the one with the images?! It is used by Google to train its AI. Every time you complete a Captcha, you are showing AI how to distinguish between objects. I don't know about you, but I'm feeling like I'm beeing used, without my agreement. And this is just one example.

  • @C0n57an71n
    Completing a captcha'll never show any AI how any brain works for distinguishing anything.

  • @Keneda Is not, but is showing them where they are wrong. But the point was about how Google uses you without even telling you.

  • @C0n57an71n
    It shows where they are wrong, not why.
    My point is, you are not "showing AI how to distinguish", but you are showing an answer.
    And yes, google has you when you uses their services ^^

  • @Keneda said in Spreading Ubuntu Touch to the world:

    google has you when you uses their services ^^

    I had to complete one of their captchas when I signed up for this forum... and no, I don't want to use Google's services, which is one of my reasons for using UT... 🤔

  • @Moem That I think is down to the browser issues or such getting in the way and not our site directly using it. I had that the other day and updates on my laptop stopped it. I normally back out of those things if at all possible. This was on Firefox with a VPN and so called unusual traffic was detected hence captcha. Still this is getting very Off Topic

  • @C0n57an71n I'm all for privacy. I don't even go in people's emails when I could. 🙂

  • @Nathan123 That's a good one :))))))

  • In my opinion, it would also be useful to support more mobile phones ... Maybe for this reason, I could not install Ubuntu Touch

  • @PepekCZ said in Spreading Ubuntu Touch to the world:

    In my opinion, it would also be useful to support more mobile phones ...

    I'm sure that's being worked on. It's no secret that the number of supported devices is currently relatively low, and of course everyone wants their own device to be supported. Fortunately, there are many people who are able and willing to help by porting UT to more devices.

    @Lakotaubp said in Spreading Ubuntu Touch to the world:

    That I think is down to the browser issues or such getting in the way and not our site directly using it.

    Surely it has to be installed on the site for it to pop up at all?

  • @Moem Já jsem třeba čech, a dnes jsem se pokoušel o portnutí do Sony Xperia Z5 Compact. Ovšem skončilo to neúspěchem 😞

  • @PepekCZ said in Spreading Ubuntu Touch to the world:

    I'm Czech, for example, and today I was trying to port to the Sony Xperia Z5 Compact. But it ended in failure 😞

    Thank you for trying, maybe you'll succeed at a later time!

  • @Moem Thanks for the translation.
    @PepekCZ Please use English, this is the language UBports decided to go with to gather as many people as possible.

    Thanks for understanding.

  • @Moem thank you

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