Migration from CyanogenMod to LineageOS

  • As CyanogenMod is a discontinued project, would be great to migrate the base to LineageOS. Obviously this is only a suggestion. I think that the amount of work needed to do this migration will be enormous.

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    CyanogenMod is Lineage OS. The difference is mainly the name. As far as i know (I'm not a porter), we are currently basing on CM 12.1 and Android 6.0, the currently supported versions of Lineage OS are 13.0 and 14.1. Rebasing is something we need to think about at some point, but it's not a priority right now. Also, we can't port newer Lineage OS versions to older devices, that's just too much work, so we will probably only rebase for newer or future devices... I'm just guessing here, we'll get there when we get there. 🙂

  • @NeoTheThird Yes, for 12.1 is the same, but if we rebase Ubuntu Touch, would be great to use LineageOS. At least for the new devices.

    Thanks for your answer!

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