• I have been in two hacker spaces lately. In the metalab in Vienna and in the shackspace in Stuttgart.
    In both cases I had the strong feeling noone there uses UT. I'm really asking myself why these tech geeks who really seem to care for privacy are not using UT. For me they seem to be the perfect audience...
    In the shackspace there is a door with a lot of stickers and they told me I could bring some if I wanted to. They also have a nice map at a wall showing a lot of hacker spaces using leds to indicate whether they are opened or not.
    This all led me to the idea if we could somehow spread the word in all these hackerspaces. Maybe with talks and hands on events... What do you think?

  • @hummlbach That sounds like a good idea to me. There's the hackathon coming up in Jan at the shackspace. I know everyone attending will be busy on the Telegram app, but it would be a good opportunity to leave a few stickers and whatever about and create some noise. I've sent a link to this post to marketing so lets see what can sorted for then.

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