C++ and SDL with Clickable. A little help please.

  • Just FYI, the credit is not mine but goes to my brother - his nick is zub, mine is not :). Unfortunately I lack the deeper knowledge necessary for such things. All I did was that I upgraded it to work with clickable (already on the original repo) and to run on 16.04 (apparently the apparmor framework update is still not there, but whatever).

    Regarding the SDL2 clickable template it doesn't sound as a bad idea though. However I really can't spend the time on it now :(. And the second thing is that SDL is no longer supporting Mir and new stuff may require newer SDL. So the question is whether this is useful. With Unity 8 and Mir upgrades (now on Edge) Wayland-enabled stuff should start working. So it would probably be better to start from scratch and take a look at how to compile SDL apps with Wayland. And I suspect that will be much more documented and a more streamlined experience.

    Sadly Mir didn't turned out the way I was hoping it would ... it is a nicely written code on par with the latest standards as that's how Canonical rolls but that's probably not what the general Linux community wants :(.

  • @mymike and others: Creating a clickable template is as simple as providing a git repository with an app that showcases the use case. If someone would like to provide some (it looks like you guys already have something running), simply reply on the feature request: https://gitlab.com/clickable/clickable/issues/122

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