Phone call microphone issue on Nexus 5, RC Channel

  • HI,

    I seem to have a problem with the microphone on my Hammerhead since switching to the release candidate. It fails to function when I make a call. However, if I toggle loudspeaker mode, then it works fine. Separately, if I choose to use the sound recorder, that works fine, but I suspect that's akin to loudspeaker mode. Previously, everything was working here. It's possible I had this happen in stable on one occasion, but I'm not asserting a link. It was early days using the phone when that happened so... meh.

    I can't test this as much as I'd prefer because I'm too nerdy to have organic friends aside my inner circle of plants. From what I've seen with logviewer, the logs seem innocuous, but I haven't unhooked the phone (my sole internet connection) to examine dmesg in finer detail.

  • @umagellan hi, I only can say that I use a Nexus 5 (rc) as my daily driver, and I don't have that issue. No idea why it isn't working for you.

    Long shot: have you tried to press volume up button while making a phone call?

  • @advocatux Hi, I made another phone call today, so this time I played with loudspeaker and mic mute buttons as the call was ringing. It seems to me that the mic was muted but not showing that status. I'm back to work on Monday so I'll be able to find a victim in the office to experiment upon. So... it could be a case of the mic having been muted but not showing that status or it commencing muted regardless; I'll tie this post off in few days.

  • I only have a problem in my car, bluetooth calling is 100% broken. Video and music work however, which is weird

  • So I think I know what the issue was and will confirm/deny the next time I install a new image. I believe that the mic suffers some combination of hardware mute and software mute, but not synchronised upon first use and/or first boot after a fresh install. Thus, it appears to me that most likely it's hardware muted and the software doesn't correctly interrogate or set that state and shows the mic as being unmuted.

    When I thought back regarding the first time this happened to me, it was just after the original OTA-6 install. Then it happened again right after the OTA-7 rc install. That's clearly a long-term pattern 🙂

    @advocatux as you run one of these jalopies, when you next freshen the image, could you check for this behaviour with your device? Curious if it's a general thing or whether things have just got personal 'twixt me and my phone.

  • @umagellan yep, I'll keep an eye on it 🙂

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