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  • @pulsar33 I use Pesbuk too and messages work fine!

  • Or you can use Sailbook, its a very comprehensive web app 🙂

  • Thank you !

    @advocatux : some manufacturers for my hobbies are only responding on FB and it's sometimes a problem to find a PC just to consult an urgent answer or post a reply ...

    @GIEMME : I see that for Pesbuk :

    • This app uses the touch/mobile version of the Facebook website for ease of use on a mobile device.
    • Open Facebook links (m.facebook.com/touch.facebook.com) in the app.
      Because the touch mobile website displays the above injonction (picture) in the touch webbrowser I thought this app could have the same problem. Thank you to have said me that it works for Messenger function.

    @Flohack : I see that "Sailbook uses the touch mobile website from Facebook with additional features"
    It could have the same problem as described in first message. Do you confirm that it works for Messenger function ?

    Unfortunately, I didn't made the jump to 16.04 at this time, even if I follow all the work here. My (only) phone works well and I need it. Current status for UBports is too unstable for me. These two apps claim about 16.04 ... This is why I tried to walk around the problem with only the web browser, as can do a simple desktop. The browser is able to display severals forums in desktop layout and it is quite usable. Why not with www.facebook.com ?

    Good evening

  • @pulsar33 Yes Sailorbook works in general with the messenger function 😉

  • Sailbook allows you to see and send replies to Facebook messages directly within the Sailbook webapp.

    Best regards,
    Steve Berson

  • Thank you All !
    Have a nice day

  • I think the problem is in the facebook itself. There were people that started to be blocked accessing messages in the webapp. I myself had this issue some months ago but I reported it to facebook and suddenly, I got access to it again.
    I'm not sure if facebook did something or there was just issues at that time that was fixed 🙂

  • Interesting ! How did you report the default to Facebook ?

  • I just used the "Report a problem" in the facebook site.

  • Thanks. Will try that
    Have a nice day

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