Help testing new legacy image

  • @mariogrip since the M10 and Meizu devices are currently not in core, legacy or development in the device list how should you see them.
    And back to another question where can you read some release note ex which feature / bugs that been fixed?


  • Besides being a happy monthly patron and funding device supporter of the FP2 I would like very much help testing the legacy image.
    Due to business requirements I am not able to switch fully to UT for the time being and flashing/backing up/restoring vice versa is too inconvenient for me. If a multi boot option would be available I would be able to switch as often as possible to UT.

    Furthermore I think, that providing multi boot options would gain more users anyway. In 2007, when switching to ubuntu on my desktop it helped a lot to have my Windows OS as backup in the first weeks.
    I know that it is to early to talk about apps because you guys have to generate the stable core framework first, but I think in terms of stability it is good to have as much devices running UT as possible as soon as possible.

    I am not a developer, but I am a very experienced user. So I would be able to help a little if one developer who at least is able to give a little love to e.g. this approach will accompany .

  • Hey,
    I've flushed my Meizu PRO 5 and it works great except fingerprint unlocking everything that worked before the flush works now after flushing the new image.
    It also seems a lot faster taking ~1 second o open an App instead of the loooong 5-10 seconds it was before.

    Also i really like the new scope design 🙂

  • @darkeye is fingerprint security working on Ubport image?

  • @zsoltmd Sorry forgot about that fingerprint doesn't work i`ll update my post.
    (I wasn't using it too much as it's not that reliable on my device)

  • @darkeye , thanks for info! Hmmm...., this fact means for me that Ubports image is not same as original, stable release...
    What is the reason? Fingerprint driver is not open source? Had been mirrored from not stable image - I mean rc-proposed or something...?

  • BQ 4.5 flashed yesterday, it is my daily companion, so I will try to report, what needs to be looked at. Great work so far, thank you for all your efforts to make this happen.

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    @zsoltmd said in Help testing new legacy image:

    Ubports image is not same as original

    Yes, it's not. The difference is, that it's (except for the binary blobs in the drivers) completely compiled by us. We were expecting issues (actually we expected more), that's why we did not do an official release yet. We are still testing.

  • @NeoTheThird Thanks for info! Based on my experience, the fingerprint unlock of PRO5 (and its stability with UT) is the almost representative feature (the wooow factor) next to Scope design. Android AOSP ROMs have very, very unstable fingerprint unlock - I think, they can not use original, Flyme driver/solution (?).
    I am looking forward the Ubports news, I need a little push to switch back to UT... 😉

  • Any word on the M10 FHD image?

  • I flashed the M10 fhd ok got a warning about not able to format cache.
    Did this manually ok and currently running with no major issues.

  • @darkeye is the ES1980 DAC enabled so that the headphone volume now is OK?
    And how about Bluetooth, is it still interrupting or is it now working?
    Would be super if you could also post some screenshot on the new scopes!



  • @zsoltmd me to... Running cm 14.1 now and would like to have Bluetooth, HiFi headphone and g apps possibility before switching back...

  • My BQ E5 just upgraded to the legacy image revision 2. Everything looks fine. The only thing I noticed is that after rebooting the Telegram application had been removed, I reinstalled it and everything looks fine.

  • @dermotmckay


    Bonjour Dermot mckay,
    Quel procédure avez vous faite pour la M10. Je suis actuellement sur M10 UT et jaimerai essayé celle UBports.
    Hello Dermot mckay,
    What procedure did you do for the M10? I am currently on M10 UT and I will have tried the UBports.
    Thank you

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    @Locamama Hey there, sorry, my french is very bad, so i can only answer you in english. There are instructions here:

  • @mariogrip
    I just tested Ubports image for Pro 5, revision=2, works great apart from the Bluetooth bug. Will test the mobile network drops if appears as well.
    I have to say I'm impressed how you managed to ubuntu-device-flash to work as previously with Ubuntu server I couldn't flash it as it always refused to flash either in bootloader or recovery mode. Thank you.
    Hope you find the fix for the bluetooth and other bugs.
    Will test it and if any new bugs found, I'll report on them...

    There seems to be a problem with phone overheating while browsing the net on mobile connection(4g, H) and also on wifi. The same problem was reported on original Ubuntu image. Nothing else makes the phone hot, only browsing the net. And it's eating a lot of battery therefore.

    Apart from that, there was nothing else spotted, all running well, not a single crash.crash.

  • @GIEMME migrate today to ubports legacy image. Followed instruction here . And worked better than before 😉

  • @lduboeuf Thank you. I have already flashed my old BQ4.5 (with broken screen) and it was easy.
    Just one question: can I download DEKKO (which is not present in the Open Store) after flash?
    For me it is a fundamental application.

  • @GIEMME you can download it from Ubuntu Store as is still present there.

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