• @PINE64 "We actually considered something very similar ourselves in the future ..." Hopefully, the Pine64 LapDock will be similar to NexDock 2 with an optional touch screen.

  • @klowe We'll see in the future. Right now we're pretty focused on getting the PinePhone right. What I will say is - it seems to me that a similar docking station is doable. Would be cool if it would be possibl to slide the phone inside the case (perhaps a modified Pinebook case?), effectively turning it into a laptop. Feel free to brainstorm the idea, but perhaps its best to do in a different thread ... or on the PINE64 forum.

  • @PINE64 idk if someone else already asked those question:
    is there a plan for an IR LED in the PinePhone?
    what about spare parts for the PinePhone? I think mostly about the screen (LCD and touchscreen) and the battery, will Pine64 sell them?
    Thank you for this fantastic project!

  • @mymike Very good question. Sorry for the late response - I am traveling. I'll need to find out exactly what will be available (and edit this post) but I am pretty sure that most spare parts, including the LCD, won't be an issue. Batteries are a whole different can of worms sadly ... they are a real pain to ship.
    Good that you brought this up - perhaps we should consider using some sort of easily attainable battery. Will get back to you (TL is traveling too ... so... could be a few days).

  • @PINE64 For shipping of batteries, I suggest that you fab a flashlight which uses the same battery. One switch, one LED, minimal plastic case. Then you can ship a battery within a device, national post office regs are satisfied, and the recipient can perhaps crack open the flashlight and use the battery elsewhere. 🙂

  • @vandys haha, "Introducing the PineLight" ...
    Thanks for the tip.

  • @PINE64 said in PinePhone:

    Batteries are a whole different can of worms sadly ... they are a real pain to ship.
    Good that you brought this up - perhaps we should consider using some sort of easily attainable battery. Will get back to you (TL is traveling too ... so... could be a few days).

    I hope something works out, since a removable battery isn't much use if replacements aren't available. On the other hand, $150 isn't much money with which to budget all features, so I understand if it doesn't turn out to be feasible. ☺

  • Updated original post with revised weight from the wiki, now back down to 180-200g. Also added vibrator, also a recent wiki addition.

  • If we will be able to change and to get easily new batteries, it will be a good thing. But for me, the more important is the QUALITY and DURABILITY of the first battery delivered with the phone.

  • Here is an update to the general hardware development progress. A revised and final version of the dev kit PCB (v2.0) is now being laid out. It fixes a few issues with the first iteration of the PCB (like e.g. some GPIO mis-allocations) as well as adds community requested features, like the multi-color LED discussed in this thread few weeks back. If all features on this PCB work as intended - and devs are happy with it - then it will become the design to be shrunk down into the PCB that will go into the phone.

    We're in talks with multiple factories to deliver the phone. This is good news because, well, they need to compete for our business and this translates to quality (as in any business they need to outdo one-another). I won't say more than this at this point - not because its a secret, but rather because I don't want to raise anyone's hopes for improvements to X or Y which may not happen in the end. Once we've got a deal you'll be the first to know. Regardless, this is good news for everyone.

    Lastly, since 'battery' has now become a conversation point I'll learn more about it in coming days and see what is already known - perhaps we can add this information to the known feature-list by the end of next week.

  • @PINE64 thanks! what about the InfraRed LED?

  • @mymike Ah yes, will find out... sorry, absent minded and tired from travel 🙂

  • As far as I can tell, the A64 doesn't natively support an IR LED for general purpose use. It has a native CIR (Consumer IR) receiver (which is broken out on the devkit but not installed) and any of its six UART controllers can be configured to use IrDA. I assume you're looking for an IR transceiver for controlling a TV or similar @mymike... If it's possible to use GPIO to output fast enough for a TV then you might have a case, otherwise there might not be a compelling reason (or software support).

  • Off-topic somewhat, just wanted to let the community know that there is now a Telegram group linked our IRC and Discord that discusses the PinePhone. All welcome 🙂

  • This post is deleted!

  • So, we don't have a definitive answer regarding the battery at this time.

    Any and all suggestions regarding easily sourceable (is that a word?) 3000-3500mha batteries by end-users welcome. Happy to brainstorm any ideas you may have.

    [edit] physical dimensions: 91.5mm x 63.5x 3.8mm
    [edit 2] Thoughts about the Galaxy J7 battery as an option ?

  • @UniSuperBox yeah, it was for those puropose.
    if it's something more or less easy to add I'd be glad, otherwise doesn't matter, that's not a fundamental component...

  • @PINE64 any easily sourced battery would make sense -- and of course Samsung produces a lot of phones. I wonder if that battery is the same as the one in the Galaxy J7 Duo, which was released in 2018? If so, it would be fairly promising because they've been using it for a while and it should remain in demand longer.

    Here's a link to the 2018 version:

  • @visiblink Seems to me like its the same battery yes.

  • Some points:

    • 1 The lower border is too large (if it has no buttons).
    • 2 Being a privacy oriented phone, it would be cool a physical switch to turn off the module, and maybe the cameras, microphone. I dont trust very much the module stand-by state.
    • 3 The display manager should be i3 or lxde (kde or gnome would be f00l(no offence ubports)) and the OS arch or debian. All the always-running apps should be gtk2.
    • 4 I hope that the pinephone 2 will use a mediatek or qualcomm soc. Not a surprise a battery of 3000 mAh.
    • 5 USB host mode ? USB guest mode ?
    • 6 A second USB ? mini hdmi ? But all those holes in the box could be a problem for water resistantce...
    • 7 Some feature could be battery kiIIer, like sensors are always on ? And the rgb led is fun (less bright /efficent ?) but I hope it doesnt use 3 pwm! it would kiII the battery. Also there could be minor useless module features that are on by default, must verify that.
    • 8 Is the modem chip on the main board ? Then why not to use directly the qualcomm 9x07 modem rather than the quectel based on it ?
    • 9 Why there are more discussions on the phone here than on the pine64 forum ?
    • 10 After the first launch you will need a period of testing to verify that the module doesnt spy. The threat can come from queltel qualc0m or andr0id small tools
    • 11 Multi boot
      -12 Recovery from brick(boot from sdcard?)

    Sayd that, I love it! I want one as soon as possible!

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