• @normandc Disappointingly, neither here nor on the pine64 forums have have I found an answer. Lots of views of the post, but no answers. OTG support for the PinePhone continues to be an open question...

  • @vandys
    This Pinephone review by a postmarketOS developer seems to indicate that OTG is supported... But maybe he's making an assumption?

    I guess we'll get the definitive answer when @PINE64 comes back to the topic.

  • If I recall the hardware supports OTG, which is a separate issue from OS support of course. Since all OS options have missing features right now, I suspect that at worst no one has implemented it yet.

  • Some camparison between PinePhone and Librem5

  • @AppLee, these comparisons are a little less than useful because not many people have these devices in their hands and not all details about the experience on either is correct. Also we don't need to feed the "us vs. them" mentality, one company getting theirs does not mean that the other company can't.

  • @UniSuperBox The goal was not to make a contest with a winner and a loser.
    Just to have a bit more information about both products.
    I wish Librem5 will come to market as soon as possible because everyone will benefit from the success of each project.

    It's also interesting to have a overview of what is working and the necessary effort to have a fully functional PinePhone (cause it's the topic here)

  • Hey guys. How does UT on the Pinephone compare to UT on the FP2? Anyone tried both? Thanks.

  • @Opolork
    only the dev pinephones are out ,so far ,the bravehearts ,toward the end of Jan

  • @Marathon2422 Ok, thank you.

  • Is anything known already about flashing Ubuntu Touch from the SD card to the eMMC storage? When I receive my Brave Heart, I would not be comfortable with a factory (probably blob-ridden Android) ROM being present. Right now, the PINE64 wiki page states that installation to eMMC requires a magic script yet to be written.

    Is anybody working on writing said magic script?

  • This post is deleted!

  • @the7thstranger Two things: 1) Brave Heart will likely ship with a Linux factory test image and 2) I'll put together a 'rough' SD->eMMC image in time for when phones are delivered later this month.

  • It seems that BraveHeart is sold out.
    I heard about someone who tried to order one and got this notice :

    Sorry, we do not have enough "PINEPHONE - “BraveHeart” Limited Edition Linux SmartPhone for early adopters" in stock to fulfill your order right now

  • @AppLee Yes


    That said, after a skillful mathematical calculation:
    (4320/60)/24, it might be possible to try that chance again after three days!

  • I really thought it will sell out in just days after launch. I wonder if only 3k were really sold for BraveHeart Edition.

  • @kugiigi I have thought the same but lets hope for the best and the PP will be a big success!

  • Answering the question regarding pace of PinePhone BH sales. There are two ways to look at it - a positive way and a less positive way.

    A positive way to look at it is that people (potential end-users) understood that at this point in time the phone is meant for technically capable enthusiasts, who can contribute to the development and testing processes. So, in other words, people correctly held back from getting a PinePhone until the software matures a bit, reviews come out, and we (PINE64 + Developers) tell them that it now good for the average end-user to have as a daily driver.

    A less positive view to take is that people say that they want a Linux phone, but in reality are not quite able to let go of their Android for iOS phones. There may be other reasons too: they don't think that PinePhone will deliverer the performance they want; they believe in some of the misconceptions which are floating around online; or simply that interest in a device doesn't mean putting down money to buy it. Whatever the case, there may be fewer people actually interested in purchasing one than we all anticipated.

    I choose to believe that its the prior rather than the latter option. I think we did a good job communicating about the BH batch and people listened. Still, this remains to be seen.

  • @PINE64 I'm SURE people will buy the finished product because the development potential is great.
    As far as the BH batch is concerned, even if peophe understood what was BH, human nature always has doubt in it by nature : In my opinion these two questions: is the BH telephone the finished product from a material point of view? From the software point of view, will the upgrade to the first stable edition be easy? which is why there may have been some hesitation to purchase BH.

  • @PINE64 I'm waiting for the final version of Pinephone. I'm very excited. I want to buy Ubuntu Touch version for me and my girlfriend. She wants Linux phone too because Google is spying us more and more. I've used Linux laptop with Ubuntu for personal use and for work more than 10 years. And I have Bq Aquaris 10 FHD with Ubuntu Touch. I'm a Linux guy but I want to buy a stable version of Linux phone. And for my girlfriend, I need a stable version, it's necessary. I believe I'm not alone who's waiting for a stable version. I hope it will be soon ready.

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