• @Nathan123 said in PinePhone:

    @trainailleur Thank you sir. "couple of months" isn't too bad.

    Unfortunately he didn't say "couple." He just said "months." I'm sure stability will come in time, but I wouldn't expect a daily driver on any particular timescale.

  • Yes, months.

    From the Mir perspective (as the Mir lead I know this bit best), there are features UT uses from the mirclient API that, currently, have no equivalent in Wayland.

    Someone has to implement workarounds and/or Wayland equivalents. And there is other work the same devs (both Mir and UBports) are committed to.

    Beyond Mir, there's a whole stack of changes to the OS. New versions of components, and systemd.

    It's all solvable, but will take time.

  • Old-fashioned UT smartphones still have a bright ☀ (time limited) future!

  • Per Lukasz on Telegram, a small number of cancelled-order UBPorts Community Edition PinePhones are up for sale right now (I'm posting this at 2020-07-03 12:07 UTC). DHL shipping only. He will be tweeting about these sometime soon, so grab one ASAP if you want one.

    Edit: All gone, as of 4 July.

  • For info on delivery times, my PinePhone Community Edition ordered on April 2nd and classic non dhl shipment, arrived at my home today in France. ☀ 🌈

  • @domubpkm
    Just for my knowledge, as i live in France too, how many did it cost you including non-DHL shipping?

  • @Keneda shipping 13,26 € today, tot 145.86 € including shipping

  • @domubpkm

  • For those who are interested and are reckless enough to forgo developer support, I got full encryption of writable data working with an elaboration of the old "remount your filesystems" trick in the encryption thread.

    It's still a terrible hack, of course, but it covers far more than just remounting an encrypted home did. The right way to do this entails a lot of genuine development in the OS, but it is nice to see what some quick and dirty shell scripting can do at times. 😃

    Should be noted that any bug you see arising while using a setup like this should be reproduced on a normal install before reporting. Please don't waste developer time reporting issues you're not sure didn't arise from a non-standard hack. 😆

    (Edit: though actually one nice thing about running your system this way is that you always have a normal system lurking only a reboot away.)

  • Updated the OP with links to the postmarket versions.

    Question for @PINE64 : right now (2020-07-15 16:11 UTC), both versions say the packing contents include "USB-C Docking Bar – 2x USB Type A ports, digital video port, and 10/100Mbps Ethernet port" Does this mean that the board in both versions is 1.2a?

    (Apologies if I've missed the monthly update. Right now all Pine64 sites seem to be deluged with traffic. 🙂 )

    Edit: from reading the Pine64 July update, it seems that both versions of the phone have the 1.2a board with the USB fix (hurrah!), but only the 3GB/32GB Convergence Package has the Docking Bar. Please correct me if I'm wrong about that.

    Edit 2: the page in the store is now correct.

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