Uninstalling Apk using Anbox

  • hi , i'm like a newbie with ubports, so sorry if the question was already asked :
    i managed to install and lauch Apks with anbox,
    but a problem here : how uninstall an app ? because when i do :
    adb uninstall myapk.apk , i ve got an error "don"t find this package" , i installed it from my home/phablets/Downloads but impossible to find it to remove it
    what i m missing ?
    thank you and again sorry for my poor english language
    [EDIT : it seems that few apks seems working ... ]

  • In the doc it says adb uninstall [APP_ID] to uninstall an Android App but it doesn't explain what [APP_ID] is.

    [APP_ID] is not the name of the APK so that won't work. There are different ways to find out this ID, e.g. for Whatsapp: if you look at the app in the play store with your browser, the ID is part of the URL

    com.whatsapp in this case is the [APP_ID] , therefore it would be

    adb uninstall com.whatsapp

  • thanks for the answer, but : i'm trying to uninstall Aptoide apk, which i can't found in PlayStore, so no ID, still searching
    and another : it seems that when i initialized Anbox, some apks installed automatically like Gallery, Email, WebViewPhp , and others even though i did not ask for them , an idea ?
    as always, thank you

  • You can list all installed APP_IDs with

    adb shell pm list packages

    That probably gives a lengthy output where you have to look for aptoide, something like

     package:/data/app/<app_id of aptoide>

  • I uninstalled Anbox apps from Settings (the one from Android - inside Anbox) -> Apps -> click on the specific app and choose Uninstall.

  • hi !
    i tried to uninstall apps with Mihael's post : it does not work, i can click on "uninstall" but the app is still here...
    so i tried to list all apps with "adb shell pm list packages"; i can see a lot of apps but none i installed myself ...where are they ?
    still searching, and as always, thank you !

  • When you uninstall an Android app (that removes the app in the android container), the corresponding Ubuntu Touch icon on the app scope will still be there and needs to be removed manually (for now?).
    Those are stored in /home/phablet/.local/share/applications/ and IIRC all Android apps starter files begin with anbox (or was it android or apk?; you'll get it once you see it 😉 ).

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