When do halium based UBports phones become officially supported?

  • I recently began playing around with an old Moto G2 for which Walid managed to port UBports to.
    It seems that other than the provided images, there is no updates from UBports officially. I will just repost my questions concerning this issue which kinda got burried in my first question here,

    I was under the impression that Halium provides the hardware abstraction layer and Ubuntu sits on top of that. So why are there still differences (Ubuntu- wise) between officially supported devices and community supported ones?
    Do the officially supported phones use Halium also?
    Also, when would a community supported device qualify to become an officially supported one? Is that even possible?

    Any thoughts?

    Thank you very much in advance,

  • Firstly, I'm pretty certain the current titan (Moto G 2014) port is not based on Halium.

    Beyond that, there are still some issues blocking Halium ports working reliably, and those issues are a bit on the back burner, as there are very few people to work on all the myriad of issues.

    And lastly, the current official devices are not based on Halium, no. It is still based on the old way Canonical was doing devices. Halium is an effort to take what's done there, and make it generic, so other platforms (like Plasma Mobile) can easily ship on top of Android devices.

  • I found this on Github:

    Also, Walid showed his Moto G to boot into Plasma mobile here.

    Because of that i was under the impression that his Ubuntu Touch port also was based on Halium although I very well can be mistaken.

    You say that there are certain issues with Halium to work reliably. I'd very much like to know more, is there a link or something, the issues page on github doesn't show much details.
    Are there actually any real devices which are supported fully by halium?
    Also, which distribution is most likely to work with a halium device?

    Cheers, Christian

  • The existing port for Moto G 2014 is not halium based. It is ported like all the other working devices. The port is from early 2018.

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