Storage 'used by ubuntu' on BQ E4.5 at 3.2GB seems like a lot.

  • Using OTA-10 stable on BQ E 4.5
    The storage figure for 'used by ubuntu' in the settings has for a long time now seemed rather high. Is this normal or might there be some tidying up that can be done.

  • @ziggutas just for the record, that's exactly the same amount than in my BQ E4.5 running edge 🙂

  • Uh, I've got 4.8GB used on my OPO running 16.04/rc. IIRC it was a similar figure on a Nexus 5 right after install. What could explain this discrepancy?

    Just curious, I don't mind — on my Android phone, the system uses 9.2GB!!! That's one more thing I like about UT.

  • Ah, thanks guys; so this looks pretty normal then.

    The reason for asking was a feeling that my old E4.5 might be getting a bit tired so I've been thinning out unused apps, clearing caches etc to try and make more free space in the hope it might make things easier for the phone!

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