Aquaris e5 flashing problems with Ubuntu 18.04

  • Hello Guys,

    First: Thanks you to the ubports-forum for making it possible that I can describe my problem here.

    After a long day of research and many attempts to make it work here is my situation:
    I recently bought a used Aquaris e5s and wanted to install Ubuntu touch.
    My OS is Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS
    So I launched "ubports installer" and found out that I first have to flash an old version with either the "sp_flash_tool" or the "BQ_firmware_flash_tool"

    "sp_flash_tool" wont't work without "" which I can't install with my ubuntu version anymore.

    so I installed the "BQ_firmware_flash_tool"
    but I wasn't able to launch it... neither with the software center nor with the terminal. According to the "BQ_firmware_flash_tool" manual, the program should be visible after restarting the computer. That didn't happen. The "gdebi package manager" status message is: "Error: Dependency is not satisflable: GKSU"

    According to what I found online, the problem is the ubuntu version 18.04. Is that right?

    I did quite a long research to find out that the bq e5 is suitable for me and will work with ubuntu touch and I was aware that it would take a time to install the os on the android phone but I didn't expect that it would be impossible to get the programs running on my computer.

    Does anyone know what could work with ubuntu 18.04?

  • Can you put an earlier Ubuntu on a thumb drive and use that is to install, instead of messing your main os about.

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