Sony Xperia X (suzu/F5121 & F5122)

  • @Stef7773
    Rebooting in recovery is normal at some point when installing with ubports installer.
    You forgot to tell on what OS your PC is.

  • @Stef7773 One post is all you need posting twice is confusing and distracting . Please don't do so again as one will be removed, Thanks.

  • Should you run into issues during the flashing: install TWRP and wipe system, data & cache partitions, then proceed to the install guide.

  • @fredldotme
    I had the same problem as @Stef7773 a couple of days ago and yes TWRP did the trick. However would it be possible to add that as point 10. (maybe in brackets) of the preparatory steps listed under ? I guess that could save a couple of people time.

    Apart from that: Great work!

  • I finally received my Xperia X 5122 today and I did the mistake in upgrading it to nougat without saving the DRM keys before.. anyway, I would like to know if not having the DRM keys saved will impact the camera quality in UBports. AFAIK it shouldn't affect at all but who knows, maybe in the future! I've been reading that on SFOS forums and I think until today SFOS doesn't make any use of those DRM features so I think nothing will happen for me. But worth asking anyways 🙂

  • @fredldotme

    can you help me please with some codes to be able to run ubuntu touch on my xperia x (f5121). I try already flashing twrp, Aosp, files fastboot.I set it up with the blue light i get [Write Ok] answer. and when i turn it on the phone, i boot in UB Ports recovery. I send you a screen shot of my downloaded folders and the ub port recovery picture. Help me please. ! Screenshot from 2020-07-04 15-28-38.png 3d199548-3c95-42c5-8f5a-6eac660051b4.jpg

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  • This post is deleted!

  • @Stef7773 Please stop asking the same thing in multiple places of the forum, I've answered to you in the other thread already.

  • @fredldotme Im so sorry. is my first time sending messages. i really want the ubuntu touch on my phone so i tought that i was sending different message to other people. im sorry.

  • @Stef7773 You seem tho have sorted the issue which is good but as pointed out posting the same thing twice is not helpful. It's confusing for people, you get the same people, in most cases answering and to be honest it is a little annoying. Something to remember for the future.
    So welcome aboard and enjoy Ubuntu Touch.

  • @Lakotaubp Ok is good to know. just one post. Cool. Thanks. Im enjoying Ubuntu Touch already.

  • Thanks to the community!
    Agree with provide more hints for newbie. In my case, i spent 2 days to figure out the pre-install steps on brand new Xperia X, its a bit lack of clue for me.

    Some suggestions

    • Add back up your TA partition warning in this post
      More clue for TWRP, cuz I think its requirement
    • like command fastboot flash recovery ....img
    • and key press to get in it (vol down + power)

    In the end, I success by "wiping ART cache, cache, System, Data, and installing UT" twice. Even the guide are clear enough, I've still got panic several times during installation. Personally, I think the Sony unlock and UT installer's feedback is the most confuse part.

  • @miao The backup TA partition was also an issue for me because since it was in the step 5? I left that after I started updating my brand new Xperia X so I was unable after to go back and downgrade to android 4.4 just to backup my DRM keys. @fredldotme I think it would be helpful for others if we add an issue to the documentation about step 5 and make it more clear since the begining. 🙂

  • I got my hands on a sony xperia x F5121, and it is upgraded to android 8.0 with the standard software updates from sony. Is it now in the same state as install android 8.0 with emma? And i can jump to the second step of the installation process.

  • @ola If you are in 8.0 already you can continue with the process

  • Hi guys,
    after the last update (387?) some apps don't work, in alphabetical order they are:

    • 500px;
    • Axolotl;
    • DeviantArt;
    • Minds Social Network;
    • Onion Browser;
    • Pinterest;
    • uDiaspora;
    • uMastonauts;
    • uNav;
    • uPixelFed;
    • YouTube.

    If we knew what has changed, we could edit the apps and make sure that doesn't happen in the future. Some of these apps are mine.


  • @Giampy QtWebEngine has been upgraded on the development channel, so that's probably the reason things don't work as expected anymore. Could you please file a bug report? We definitely should find out what's broken.

  • @fredldotme I can't see the log of the apps because they crush at splash screen so I don't know what is the bug. The QtWebEngine version that I use is the 1.7. If you want you can see my apps on gitlab. My apps are Pinterest, Minds, DeviantArt and 500px.

  • Hello. I already have install Ubuntu Touch on my Sony Xperia X (suzu/F5121). But i can' t access to the camera: "Camera app doesn' t have permission to access the camera hardware or another error occured.

    if granting permission does not resolve this problem, reboot your device. "

    I can't grant the permission for the camera, what can i do please ?

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