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  • @pglushkov huh, thats strange. I seem to get incoming calls 100% of the time. but then again, I am on my phone a lot, so I could just be cathing them quickly.

  • Have been testing incoming calls to OP3T again today. Most of the day it was on yesterday's update: Version 108, this evening updated to Version 110.

    I suppose I have made about 20-30 calls. When display is turned on everything works every time. When in standby, incoming calls failed to wake the phone, no ringtone, no dialogue box (press power button: display on,phone rings)

  • @ziggutas Will have time tomorrow to test mine tomorrow. Had one missed call today, not sure if that was me or OS though. I do have a longer delay on ringtone starting when in standby though. OP3 on 109

  • @ernest said in Oneplus 3/3T:

    @pglushkov Without the link I cannot access to you submission on

    Hi! Here's the link :

  • @pglushkov yes you're right, I agree calls work but its a bit sporadic. Today for example, I received calls but the phone didn't ring or show I had missed calls. I know because I got two Voicemails, but the phone said only one missed call. My wife also said she tried to call me multiple times but I don't have any missed calls from her, which happens all the time. so if you are missing calls, you wouldn't really know unless they leave a VM.

  • Have just tested calling my OP3 twenty times in total. So, when the screen is on all worked as expected. Incoming call registered immediately no out going ringtone on sending phone. When on standby as follows
    6 incoming calls registered almost straight away within 1-2 rings on sending phone.
    1 call came through and continued to ring just after disconnecting with sending phone.
    1 came in just as voicemail message started
    1 had nothing at all
    1 after four outgoing ringtones on sending phone

    Of the last 10 calls, 4 in a row on problem the other 6 all a bit random. OP3 on update 111

  • Thanks for the feedbacks,

    We are talking about two problems :

    • Phone doesn't wake up time to time for an incoming call.
    • Phone vibrate but doesn't ring.

    I see the first bug is still there, do you have still the second one ?

  • @ernest Made some more calls to the OP3T today running latest update: Version 112.

    Normally I have vibrate set to off except when in silent mode. For these calls, turned vibrate on.

    Phone on all day, some browsing. Ten calls to the phone got normal results; waking phone along with dialogue box, ring and vibrate. One call failed to wake phone after about ten rings. After ending the initiating call and turning OP3T on it started ringing/vibrating etc endlessly until turned off.

    After restarting phone and allowing it to settle , first two calls did not wake phone. No green led notification after waiting a while. After turning phone on only one missed call notification present. Subsequent calls OK.

    'Phone vibrates but doesn't ring' is not an issue on my phone; if there is a wake from suspend and dialogue box there is also a vibration. I remember it always used to vibrate after first installing UT (pre-ringtone days!)

  • Ok so i'll request to close this bug

    We can open one for the phone not getting wake up from a call.

  • @ernest it says it only has an issue on the stock kernel, and it doesnt on AOSP. so it is most likely a kernel issue

  • So far, no improvement between Lineage, OOS or Flash kernel ... 😕

  • @ziggutas What type of network you phone is connected to : 4G, 3G, 2G for this test ?

  • @ernest Setting on phone has been 2G/3G/4G, data turned off. Signal from mast is patchy for 4G indoors according to provider coverage map.

    Signal does come and go here but I make sure there is plenty of signal on 3 devices (Xperia, E4.5 and OP3T) before calling. The Oneplus always seems to grab a better signal than the other two.

    Out of 7 calls this morning only 1 failed to wake phone with ringtone. However, display turned on after ending initiating call. Maybe it just needed a bit longer to connect? Most calls were connecting quickly but a couple took 16-20 seconds.

    I'm beginning to wonder if I turned off voicemail so that I could ring for longer whether the success rate would be higher? I don't have time this morning, but may try this afternoon.

  • make sure all partitions are ext4

    Can this be Undone when i want to reinstall an Android? Is it enough to flash a stock Rom using twrp?

  • @jkoel Yes that can be done if needed.

  • @Lakotaubp and how can i do this?

  • @jkoel Not done it myself but a web search should find all details you need. The OnePlus site should have OS and reinstall twrp with fastboot and use that. Someone else will probably have all the exact details.

  • @jkoel Yes with twrp as you did but in reverse but you need to remember what the file system was in the first place!

  • @vince1171 Hello.
    I don't own (yet) Oneplus3 so these two questions are for information:

    • Is the status working/missing up to date?
    • do you think you could make the fingerprint sensor mechanism operational within a certain period ? Mechanism not very common under UT to date.
      Thank you.

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