LG V20 T-Mobile (h918)

  • Yeah I know they are open now. Just hope I can get the funds before they close. Lol.
    But I would like to get it installed on this V20. I use it as my backup phone with my job as a truck driver I tend to break just about every phone I get.

  • @unklebonehead i will upload new version bugs fixed : camera.

  • @unklebonehead you can install using twrp.

  • @walidham Thats my other problem. I cant get twrp to flash. I have the bootloader unlocked and when I try to flash twrp it starts and runs for a second and then fails. I've tried different usb cables, ports, different versions of twrp and I've also read that there is a problem with adb in Ubuntu 18.04 that adb doesnt work right. The only solution I found was to use a windows pc and that is not an option for me. I dont have access to one.
    Any ideas on what else to try?

  • @unklebonehead you have h918 variant ? if yes you can't install twrp by adb , you must use lafsploit .

  • @walidham Ok. Gonna give that a try today.
    Thank you.

  • And of course that didnt work either. Mine is the h91820h. Tried using Lafsploit running from fwul distro (which is a very cool little distro!) on live usb. 2 different computers.
    I may not be understanding how to flash the kdz file. But on that Salt app it seems to only uncompress the kdz but I didnt know which img file to flash.
    It does give a popup window saying to use extract+flash if you want to flash but there is no button anywhere that says that.
    Keep in mind I have no idea what I am doing,

    On a side note I will be ordering my UBports pine phone on Monday!!!

  • Is this port still active?
    I've installed the January 1st 2020 build on my V20, it seems to work quite well actually.

    I'll be happy to test new builds.

  • hello, I am also looking to put Ubuntu Touch on ly h91820h. I've been reading and not sure if there is a more recent guide for getting TWRP on h91820h (H918 running Android8), without having to downgrade to h91810p first, which requires using LG's tool (on a Windows box, which I don't have) to flash using the kdz file.

    What is the difference between the regular rootfsor the Edge one?


  • I now have a dual boot windows and ubuntu, and so far from windows, I have tried all version of LGUP and common dll I could find and none would detect my h91820 on any com port, to flash older kdz.

  • Thanks walidham for creating this port and sharing it.Really looking forward to enhancement for this device port. I just put a Tmobile sim...:

    • Call is not working, there is dial tone but no ring. Incoming call cannot hear caller and caller cannot hear me. Call still not work after edit APN and Restart. Need help to get call working please.
    • Date/Time always reset to 1969 (when set manually) after Restart.
    • Message works.
    • Camera works
    • Hotspot works

    Looks like I finally got this installed on my h91820. The most difficult part was downgrading from h91820 to h91810p: LGUP was not detecting the phone... had to fiddle with this for few hours. If anyone have similar issue, make sure to install the LGUSB driver, not just the LGMobileDriver_WHQL_Ver_4.2.0.exe

    The first reboot after install halium-boot, the device might boot twice, when it appears to be stuck at Ubuntu Touch screen with the 5 dots animation (I waited long time but still stuck at this screen), ssh step can be done a this point. Finally after 2nd reboot, Ubuntu Touch setup is shown.

  • I am not seeing any commit after Nov 2019, so have no idea why the binary from this thread (call not working but LTE works) is behaving different than the ubuntu-touch-h918-01-01-2020.zip at XDA thread (call works but no LTE). Trying to get this to be my Daily Driver but with call and LTE data issues, it's a bit disappointing.

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