Want To Develop UT And Need A Device

  • how about you look up " Glenn Michael Cady ". on FB, and see if he would help as a dev, he is the one that does the "Ultimate Edition" Ubuntu OS, he is in Ohio, I believe he has written MTK stuff.
    Maybe bribe him with a freeby,I know he just got a,umidigi F1,a couple of weeks ago.
    Just a random thought.

  • As a new device developer (still stuck in my Motorola surnia porting) it could be useful to have devices for testing and fixing things for improving my skills. What are the conditions? I'm willing to help, at least, in making UBPorts better.

  • I would be interested in joining you as a tester, I am interested in learning and developing skills needed to assist you guys in this project.


  • I would be intesred! I'm UK based.

  • @UBportsNews Hi. I am interested to develope OS. Is it bad that I am Finnish? Also I need device

  • @UBportsNews
    Hello, I am from Spain and I am very interested in developing applications, I developed a multiplatform app and I would like it to be available in Ubuntu Touch. I bought a BQ E5 but apparently it was not compatible, so I am still looking for a mobile to adapt the app. (The app needs GPS support).

    Have a good day. šŸ˜

  • Hello ! Iā€™m the swiss from Instagram, I would like to help and improve my skills too. I'll do my best to make Ubuntu Touch better !

  • Hi, i'm Italian and i'm interested

  • @UBportsNews
    I have ported two device Moto G 2014 and LGV20.
    I'm from Tunisia. Can help you to do more port.

  • I have a Bq Aquaris E4.5 with broken touchscreen (some dead zones and quite often the whole screen dies needing a reboot) an all sensors broken: mostly unusable, lying in a drawer atm...
    so I bought a Nexus 5, whose power button decided to detach itself and the hack I made to use it without the button doesn't work well and it's quite intricate. also the image on the screen started moving up and down, especially when charging it. I used it as a daily driver since few weeks ago when I replaced it with a Lumia 1020...
    I don't want to steal a phone to someone that needs it more than me but if you have a spare one, I'd like to receive it!

  • Hey šŸ™‚ , What would be great is if they had Fairphone 2 as there's 2 issues in the camera that i can't investigate without it.
    Barring that if you guys can spare and it's possible i would be happy to have any device with USB OTG display as i'm in the middle of adding convergence to the clock ( and the camera after that) and it would better to actually use a converged device instead of emulating it on the desktop.

    Thanks and keep up the good work šŸ‘

  • That's awesome! Thanks UBports. Thanks Canonical!

    I have a N7 tablet with UT and quite enjoy it, but I dont spend too much time using it. I think I might be able to contribute more if I would have more stake in the game, by carrying around a UT in phone form factor.

    Not wanting to sound unreasonable, but maybe it would also help to have a N7 'flo' next my own 'deb'. Sometimes there's issues affect one or the other. Also for halium porting the deb it might be helpful to have a flo (e.g., flo can do bluetooth, deb cannot).

  • If there are any that are not BQ4.5 and Nexus 5 we'd be interested in one for the Instagram account.

  • @UBportsNews Hello!
    I'd love to contribute to Ubuntu touch, but I don't have a compatible device. I do Qt and QML. Any one device would be very helpful.

  • Hi i am a dev from pakistan worked on .net, nodejs and currently golang. Also linux lover used ubuntu, debian, fedora and opensuse. i am interested to test out these linux phones as replacement to iphone and android and what dev capabilities they have out of the box.

  • Hi, i'm living in Turkey and working with Python and PyQt. I used lots of different GNU/Linux distros and huge fan of FOSS. i would love to contribute.

  • I'd be very interested. I've been looking for a compatible device, in good condition, for a while now. I was a developer for a Linux distro called "Entropy Linux". I also have experience with custom Android roms, where I think the skills could translate and I'm currently developing a game, using unity, for Linux and Android which I would love to port to Ubuntu touch.

  • Hello UBports!
    I am Brazilian and would like to help in the development of Ubuntu Touch, I am a Shell programmer and web developer, I will be happy to help you, you can donate the device you prefer, I have no preference to choose.
    Wait the return!

  • @UBportsNews I am interested in helping with development. I am eager to get started as soon as possible.

  • Hi @UBportsNews!
    We would like to request one of the device. Although we won't be able to develop anything, but we hope we would be able to publish reviews and experience of the latest UBports on our website abhifx.com.

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