Want To Develop UT And Need A Device

  • Hey @UBportsNews,

    I'm maintainer of OrbTk https://gitlab.redox-os.org/redox-os/orbtk it's an (G)UI Toolkit written in Rust. It is a personal matter to port it to Ubuntu Touch. At the moment I have one device (OPO) for Android and Ubuntu Touch. Unfortunately have switch back and forth between UT and Android. It would be much more comfortable if I had a single device only for UT. If you think it is worth more to give a device to one how want to contribute direct to UT it's fine and I'll definitely keep going with the port.

  • Hello, I'm in Italy and Ubuntu is only for a few people. I'd like to help you with bug-testing on UT and to give a chance to everyone to know UT.


  • @UBportsNews
    I would love to help with Ubuntu touch development. I'm in Canada, and have done work on mobile before. Willing to help develop the OS as well.

  • I am interested in helping. I am developing some native apps on gnome for a touch device, such as SIP Phone, Domotik Controller, Internet Radio and a Wireshark-a-like app.

    What I need is maybe the phone. For testing the Network Bands in Mexico and the functionality for a final user.

    Hope you can contact me.

  • Would love to try and get into developing this.

  • Hello Guys!
    I'm from Brazil!
    I've been following you in the Telegram Supergroup for a while now!
    I'm a web developer and linux enthusiastic.
    I have been learning QT/QML and wanna help you with UT development.
    If you borrow me an compatible device I'll be forever grateful.
    You can send me the device you prefer, I have no preference to choose.

    Thanks in advance!

  • @UBportsNews I would love to help develop and maintain Ubuntu touch, I'm CS student from Brazil, me and everyone on my University loves open source software

  • @UBportsNews hi i want help ubports to develop app but i have only nexus 4 ... I need if possible a tablet. For scale and correction of bugs ... Thanx you ubports ! Regards Yann

  • @UBportsNews I'm interested. Unfortunately, my N4 died recently (it was a test device).

  • Hello guys!
    I'm an Italian IT teacher, in school laboratories students use and develop mainly for teaching purposes on Linux.
    I would like to start a project with my students, develop applications for the Ubuntu touch system, training students, divided into teams, to whom to assign progressive work steps.
    If you grant us a compatible device, I will be forever grateful, and my students will have an enormous benefit.
    I have no preferences on the test device.

    Thanks in advance!

  • It seems new registrations are skyrocketing today.


  • Hi I will help with bug-testing on UT ans some development mainly because I'm lacking in some skills.
    Best, Juan

  • I am developer of Ehcp, a free opensource hosting control panel, check ehcp.net for details.
    I am interested in Ubuntu phone.
    Ehcp also works on top of Ubuntu.

  • Hi, I'm in the UK. Currently an Android developer.

    I'm interested in developing GPS related applications for UT. Let me know if you can spare a device for me.

  • @UBportsNews Dear friends I'm interesting to apply to be one of the chosen ones for development of Ubuntu Touch, I'm no programming expert, I'm just starting in the Linux World, but very enthusiastic, for now I could only contribute with suggestions. I'm interested in the Aquarius M10 Tablet. Thankful.

  • I already have a Nexus 5 with ubports which I use as a daily driver device, despite having problems that makes it work terribly.
    I have made 30 or so contributions related to Ubports projects on Github since August.
    I have video reviewed OTA-10 desktop app support and when the anbox OTA upgrade issue will be resolved on hammerhead I will do a new (more pleasant) review.
    I am a gnome-ish developer and I would like to do convergent development that comprehends ubports usage.
    If I got another device on which it could be possible to test wayland (on a newer ubuntu basis would be awesome), I could send patches to desktop projects (I use) to better support HiDPI scaling on whatever platform they would run.
    In general I would continue doing what I am doing, maybe with more commitment.
    I could write a python script to forward anbox notifications to unity, anyway, because I need it for myself.
    Although I have to say I would still prefer to be able to run other desktops on ubports.

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  • Hi I would like to get one, im not much of a developer, I love Linux and want to be more involved in it, I could do some bug testing for your company

  • I program in Brazil since 2008 and it would be epic to have a device from the company that accompanied me throughout my career on the desktop

  • Hi, im Polish computer science student, im work on ubuntu on my pc and i have same knowlegde about programming, so i think i can help to develop Ubuntu touch. I now lerning Python but im ambitious and i love work on any linux distribution like Fedora or Mint.

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